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When it comes to style, my style excels in the fall. The fall brings crisp weather, layers, and a refreshing change of pace from the summer heat. Summer seems to never end and when fall hits, I’m bored with my wardrobe and it’s the best time for me to go shop. Which is why I’m very excited about the opening of Nordstrom Rack.

I had never been to a Nordstrom Rack before and I’m so glad there will now be TWO stores semi-near me. Both of which are located in two of the coolest outdoor malls, Easton (Columbus) and Crocker Park (Cleveland). I checked out the Easton location and was so impressed.



Columbus is one of my favorite places for a lot of reasons and one of them is the shopping! Nordstrom Rack is a great addition. I was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the store, the wide variety of items, and of course, the shoes.

Let’s talk shoes. Nordstrom Rack is FILLED with the absolute best designer gems at really great prices. I found my dream boots discounted from $200 to $89. I almost bought them, but they were too small. I’m not sure my heart will recover. There were beautiful Seychelles, stunning and weird Jeffrey Campbell’s, hard to find Steve Madden booties, and everything else you could imagine. I wanted about half of the size 6 shoe section. Which is a very rare thing for me and I’ll probably start regularly going simply for the shoes.

In addition to the wonderful shoes and beautiful clothes, Nordstrom Rack has a huge accessories, jewelry, and makeup section. I found everything from Urban Decay to Kate Spade to Marc Jacobs perfume — and that’s just the beginning. Every time I came back to this section I found more items that I wanted and needed in my possession.

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Nordstrom Rack was also the first store that I’ve ever seen with mobile checkout and it was so high tech, efficient and modern. Mobile checkout is EXACTLY like it sounds. There were three employees at a counter with cute reusable bags and an iPhone. No cash registers, just iPhones and high tech software. I reviewed my receipt, typed in my email address, and I was all set. It was so easy, painless and fast. But most importantly, it was very green. I wasn’t wasting a bag, any electricity or paper.


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I was exhausted by the time I finished my third lap of the store. There were so many dresses, tops, and shoes that I wanted. I could’ve spent triple what I did, but I decided to be good. This time, anyways.

I was selected for this opportunity by Nordstrom Rack, however all content and opinions expressed here are all my own.