Nordstrom Rack, Styled By Blogger Paisley Boulevard

Thank you to Nordstrom Rack for sponsoring this post.

So yesterday I was talking about how happy – no, ecstatic – I was to be invited to a pre-grand opening party for the Nordstrom Rack that just opened in my little old neck of the woods! (I know, we are extremely lucky over here!). The best part of the invite was Nordstrom Rack asking me to style 3 different head- to-toe looks for 3 different occasions and in the end choose one to buy and share that with all of you! At first, this sort of freaked me out, as I am not a “fashion blogger,” but then I thought, I’m a regular woman just like all of you guys, so why wouldn’t you want to see what a regular gal like me would choose? Kinda fun, and I’d be into seeing what you chose, so away we go!

The first look that I went for was for lunch with my friends! This is something that I would throw on to go shop and eat. Casual, comfy, and let’s face it, I’m always trying to look cooler than I am, and leather does that.


90% of the time, I reach for denim, so I paired a pair of dark skinnies with a sheer, flowy button down along with a leather jacket. Because, see above, James Dean and Dylan McKay taught me that leather is cool.


Hello suede boot loves. I can see them working with everything in my closet and they have a chunky heel, which I miss from my high school days in the 90s. Don’t talk to me if you haven’t worn a chunky heel, you just haven’t lived


I also really loved the lace detail in the shoulders – it was adorable!

The next look I styled was for date night! This is something that I would throw on to have drinks and a movie. I know – bare with me. We do it occasionally


The open toed booties were so comfy, and the top was a bright orange print asymmetrical button down. Again, sheer and and flowy with something fitted makes me feel more comfortable. Nordstrom Rack had so much of what I wanted for this look I had a really hard time narrowing it down!


So the final look I decided to find found me. It’s the one I actually purchased and I just can’t with how much I love it and how me it is. It is an “everyday” look. Errands, gallivanting around town, whatever. This is how I dress. Comfortable and casual but intentionally so.


The top is Heather and it was hugely discounted (like $26 from $78!) and is hands down the most comfortable fabric on earth. It is a fabric that can easily be unflattering when it isn’t made well, but this one hangs so beautifully because it is such high quality that it actually made me feel thinner.


The jeans are Joes’s Jeans, perfectly torn and comfy. I have this weird thing that if I feel like I am trying too hard, I’m not confident and happy. This outift is the good mix of casual and a little bit of effort that I like. That’s how I define my style, not trying too hard.


Shoes. One of those things you don’t get right away! My best friend Cyndi came to this event with me to help take pictures, and I asked her to grab some shoes at some point, and she threw these at me. We both did not love them at first, but pairing them with the dressed down town of this outfit totally felt right!

I had so much fun styling these looks for fall! Let me know what you are looking forward to wearing this fall, and what you think of what I picked! Nordstrom Rack is located at 30121 Detroit Road, Westlake, OH 44014! Follow them on Twitter at @CrockerPrk_Rack for merchandise arrivals, promotions, and events!

I was selected for this opportunity by Nordstrom Rack, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.