Kayla Aimee Shops Nordstrom Rack Atlanta

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On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend the pre-opening party for the new Nordstrom Rack store in Atlanta. I was excited about this because I like to get high quality brands at a good value and also because they were serving hors d'oeuvres like that tiny little pecan pie on a stick. Who doesn't want to shop while being plied with tiny little pecan pies on sticks?

The store opened yesterday and if you were wondering whether or not you should stop by, I have the answer for you: Yes, you should. I don't know if you'll get a tiny little pecan pie on a stick but I did find some other items totally worth making a trip for.

The store signage theme was "your ultimate treasure hunt destination" and I take my themes very seriously, y'all. I scoped out some good stuff and took pictures of all of it to share with everyone. In case you were wondering if people were looking at me oddly as I walked around the store taking photos of all things Kate Spade, the answer is yes. But not as oddly as when I answered them in pirate talk. Savvy? Just kidding. I took pictures of more than just Kate Spade stuff.


But I also took pictures of Kate Spade stuff. I really love Kate Spade. Leather and lace seemed to be a big trend on all of the store displays. I love that outfit above. I always wish I could pull off that sort of messy-but-pulled-together avant garde look. It never seems to work for me. A button down with a cardigan and some ballet flats are my wheelhouse but I covet that lace top.


Here are some other finds that I loved, from top left:

  • Happy Socks that really did make me happy. It doesn't take much, y'all.
  • Bowls of brightly colored scarves. I sort of hoard scarves. I might have a problem.
  • Receiving blankets by Offspring. Not the band (I think. I mean, I can't imagine that Offspring has its hand in the baby blanket business but you never know with musicians. They're a tricky bunch.) Aren't these so cute?
  • This Badgley Mischka purse. It felt like butter. I wanted to rub my face on it, but I restrained.
  • My BFF loves anything Orla Kiely and I thought she would like this stationery.
  • I thought this display of men's ties was beautiful. Props to the person who lined them up by color.
  • Kate Spade holiday cards and tags. Christmas is my favorite and so is Kate Spade.
  • Nail polish is just pretty.

I spotted a lot of darker, jewel tones mixed with blacks and greys at this particular Nordstrom Rack store. And speaking of fall trends, the boot selection was to die for, if you are Rachel Zoe-esque. I spotted some seriously cute Hunter boots in both the kids and women’s sections.

Tomorrow I'll show you what I tried on (Oh yes, I have awkward fitting room photos and stories. OF COURSE I DO. Like how I walked straight into the men's dressing room because apparently I ignore signs now.) and also what I ended up buying. Here's a hint: it involves pleather. I KNOW, RIGHT?

I was selected for this opportunity by Nordstrom Rack, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.