So Pinteresting: A Serious Case of Wanderlust

Not sure where you, dear reader, are based, but here on the East Coast, it's dang cold. Unseasonably so. Pair that with the onsalught of Daylight Savings Time—that gloriously outdated standard which now forces our sweet sun to set around 5 p.m.—and we're in serious need of a remedy for our self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder. To Pinterest! 

This week we are feeling beautiful travel photography. At its best, it throws us into another world, totally enraptured. At its worst, we still probably want to go to the place depicted. In an ideal world, a quick jaunt to Egypt or Ireland would be very cheap, quick and easy—in every way imaginable. Unfortunately, international travel is pricey enough to keep us grounded most of the time, not to mention the tug of jobs and other responsibilities. So we say "cheers" to Pinterest for allowing us to be armchair travelers and turn to outstanding (and just-okay) travel photography for a quick little e-escape. Safe travels!