9 New Year’s Resolutions Every Girl Should Make

Forget empty promises to lose weight, we cut through all the regular New Year’s b.s. to bring you 9 real resolutions that could flip your life upside down (for the better, of course).

1. Make your dream job your reality.

So you wanna become the first female president? Or perhaps earn a million dollars by the time you turn 30? Instead of joking around, talking about lofty career goals, start asking yourself what steps you need to take to actually achieve them. Then go out there, and just do it! The sky’s the limit.

2. Pamper yourself on the reg.

In between your busy work schedule and catering to the needs of all your friends and family, find some time to do something nice for yourself. Hit the spa for a Swedish massage, get a monthly mani/pedi or simply enjoy a blowout at the salon. You deserve it, so stop thinking otherwise.

3. Quit dating jerks.

Seriously, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Get rid of the guys who treat you like crap, and learn your own self-worth. Once you do that, you’ll naturally attract real men who are willing and able to give you the love and respect you’re owed.

4. Reinvent yourself.

Life’s too short to waste it being unhappy! Switch up your attitude, pick up a brand new hobby, purge yourself of bad friends who ultimately bring you down and surround yourself with new ones who offer tons of support and positivity.

5. Do something every day that scares you.

Whether it’s jumping out of a plane or telling a total stranger hello, the best way to overcome your fears is by facing them head on. Only then will you truly realize what you’re capable of (and trust us, it’s a whole heck of a lot more than you previously thought).

6. Expand your mind.

Self-education is the best education. Even if you’re not in school anymore, vow to continue to teach yourself via books, travel, and trial and error. Engage in conversations with people you wouldn’t typically talk to. Knowledge is power. Use it to help yourself and to help others.

7. Think before you speak.

How many times have you opened your mouth and uttered some harsh words in the heat of the moment? Or maybe you’ve offended a stranger with your careless language and weren’t even aware. Think before you speak, because what you say does matter.

8. Dish out compliments.

Tell your BFF how gorgeous she looks in that new dress. Praise your mom often on her home cooking. Compliment the girl in line in front of you on her chic haircut. You never know the type of impact you’ll have on that person’s day, plus you’ll feel all warm and tingly inside too.

9. Plan a vacation.

We all need to get away and re-charge, so what better way to kick off the New Year than by planning a vacation with your significant other, best friends from high school, or your family? Now, that’s one resolution we’re sure you can keep!

image: IMAXtree