So Pinteresting: A Winter To-DIY List

Winter is a time for introspection, for quiet. But Pinterest is always abuzz, working hard to keep us inspired day in and day out. This week, we got particularly stoked on seemingly simple DIY ideas: ways to bring the outdoors in, ways to figure out nagging organization quandries. Everything had us itching to create, make and customize. How can you glean inspiration from the out-of-this-world pretty Jil Sander floral display from last fall's runway show? Easy! Think abstract. How can you look outside and suddenly know how to fix the lighting situation in your reading nook to be useful and cozy? Abstract inspiration! The world is your oyster to bedazzle when you think of Pinterest as less a strict guide for perfect (which, as you know, runs the risk of failure from too-much-pressure!) and more of a soft focus on ways to make really awesome improvements. Read on for what's got us ready to sit down, bundle up and create!