Marry, Screw or Kill? The Valentine Movie Edition

It may not seem very romantic, but realistically, people fall into one of three camps when it comes to Valentine's Day: those in established romantic relationships; new relationships and "in love with life" types; and the lovelorn or broken hearted. Alternatively, your basic Marry, Screw, Kill groupings. Here I will list some movies available on Netflix Watch Instant, and how each movie will go over in each heart-state scenario. 

Take This Waltz — 2011 indie starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan

Marry – Couples should only watch this if they're in a really good place. It is the type of realism that can hold a mirror up to your own relationship and magnify any weak spots. It may not be a good Valentine's Day option for a couple unless you're really not into romanticism or feel-good fare.

Screw – This is really ideal for the new and lusty couple or to watch with a crush because it's all about the build up and the drawn out, sexy flirtation.

Kill – If you are not feeling the romance this year, this is a good movie for you. There's a lot to enjoy aesthetically outside of the romance, and there are some hot male and female leads. Bitter notions that love doesn't last may find vindication in this story.

(Blue Valentine is of the same oeuvre.)

Breakfast At Tiffany's – the classic Audrey Hepburn romance

Marry – This is perfect for long-term couples because you're already comfortable enough that you're not keeping score about who got to pick the movie last, or he'll give you a little leeway on Valentine's Day. Watching a classic about young love will make you nostalgic for your own romantic firsts.

Screw – This has the appeal of a romantic classic that every couple should see together once, even better if one of you can introduce it to the other. While sexy in a sophisticated way, this isn't the film to kick off a night of passion.

Kill – You have to know yourself and your state of mind to know if you can handle watching Breakfast At Tiffany's alone on Valentine's Day. It is the classic girl comfort food of film, but is also in danger of putting you over the emotional edge.

(Sabrina and Funny Face are both also streaming.)

Reality Bites – Grungy classic full of your favorite 90s stars that still delivers a modern perspective on love

Marry – Those who came of age in the 90s will particularly enjoy this existentialist romp down memory lane. It will also make couples glad they're not in the dating scene anymore, and the sexy stars of your youth may get your fire going.

Screw – This is a fun movie that takes on some serious themes but manages to stay hysterically funny in parts. It's a good early date movie if one of you hasn't seen it, or if you want to rewatch some of your favorites together.

Kill – Again, know thyself. The drama and troublesome nature of the romantic entanglements in this movie may soothe you, and you will find company in the lonely hearts club. But, if life hasn't been going your way, this could be a kind of depressing movie

(Another indie romantic comedy that's equal parts romantic and depressing is Breaking Upwards, not great for couples.)