Lashing Out: How to Get Your Most Gorgeous Lashes Ever

The beauty industry is busy. It seems like every few months a brand new version of an old standby is introduced that claims R&D departments have been hard at work reinventing the wheel. When it comes to mascara, it's enough to make a girl's head spin. Every "new and improved" bottle comes with sexy packaging and a renewed promise for out of this world lashes. What an advertisement won't tell you: much of your lash effect has to do with application technique; it's just as important as your choice of mascara. There are some tried and true tricks the pros use that get the most out of any mascara, whether it's Cover Girl or Chanel. That isn't to say having a few different mascaras on hand isn't helpful, but more on that in a minute. Here are nine ways to give good lash and make a lengthy impression. 

image: IMAXtree