Father’s Day Gift: The Sweet Scents of Dirt and Zombie

Honestly, there are only so many pairs of socks your dad wants or needs. Yes, yes, I know shopping for men is an impossible task, but fragrance is always a safe bet, especially when the scents on sale are Dirt and Zombie. I kid you not.

Dirt, Zombie and Whiskey fragrances for Dad.

Dirt, Zombie and Whiskey fragrances for Dad.

Starting this week, Demeter Fragrance is providing new shipping offers to Canada, offering brokerage charges, taxes and duties at a flat rate of $19.99. There will be no additional delivery expenses or costs. More recently, they also started stocking large selection of Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays in Canada at select Loblaw banner store locations, including The Real Canadian Superstore, for $15 each.

Their fragrance “library” as they call it, consists of more than 250 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. From classics like Dirt (a “classic” I tell you), Grass and Tomato, to the more recent Laundromat, Clean Skin and Baby Powder. There’s also a limited edition Zombie for Him available through until May 31, as well as Zombie for Her if you feel so inclined.

Of course, Dirt and Zombie make for great conversation starters, however, if your dad is more of a Mad Men than a Walking Dead fan, he’ll probably appreciate a shot of Gin & Tonic, Mint Julep, Bourbon or Whiskey Tobacco. Each single note scent can be worn individually or personalized by mixing and layering them together, giving a whole new meaning to the term “reeking of booze.” Now tell me, would you buy your dad a bottle of Dirt this Father’s Day?