Gail Simmons: 5 Best American Cities for a Food Tour

image: Getty; Spago

image: Getty; Spago

Looking to do some culinary adventuring? Check out these five foodie cities.

  1. New York: New York has an endless amount to offer any foodie, but I'm particularly fond of the Lower East Side because they've got everything from great Mexican food to fantastic old Jewish delis in a 10 block radius

  2. Los Angeles: They have amazing ethnic communities: Mexican, Salvadorian, Thai, Korean, etc., but if you want, you can also go super glam at a restaurant like Spago all in one day.

  3. New Orleans: In terms of history and food culture I think it's the most unique city in the world and they’re so proud of that culture. Even though it’s a small town, there’s endless exploration.

  4. Chicago: It's the boldest thinking city in terms of food. There are so many young chefs there that are on the cutting edge. There is so much smart cooking there.

  5. Montreal: It’s as close as you can get to Europe in America. It’s young and energetic. People think Canadian culture is no different than American culture, but it is; especially French Canadian and they have amazing ingredients, beautiful markets, foie gras, maple syrup and incredible wine. It’s a city that lives at night; it’s very similar to New Orleans that way.