How Skinny Are Skinny-Branded Food Products, Really?

Few things are as frustrating as how little regulation there is over food labeling. You could come out with a 10,000 calorie piece of candy loaded with saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol and pretty much brand it however you want. Things get worse when products are backed by celebrities that have built-in loyal followings. Who wouldn't trust something endorsed by a superstar athlete like David Beckham, a woman with a killer body like Gisele or someone who has built her entire image as the poster child for a healthy lifestyle like Bethenny Frankel? 

Arguably the biggest offender are products branded with the word skinny because it's a catchy word that appeals to many people and can literally be slapped on any product with no regard to nutrition facts. To that end, here's a closer look at some of the skinny products lining supermarket aisles.