Lubov Azria: How to Succeed in the Fashion Industry

Follow your dreams and never give up. That alone, will take you far.


Fashion may seem like an industry that's behind when it comes to tech, but the importance of understanding computers and technology and how the landscape has changed from pencil and paper cannot be understated. I wish I spent more time studying the art of writing.

Because I work with my husband (Max Azria), people often ask me what I think about starting a business with a significant other and my thoughts are that both people in the working relationship have to bring different things to the table and focus on complementing each other not competing — as long as that is the case, why not? Whether you're working alone or with a partner, however, it's key to lead by example and to always evolve because fashion is always about change. Moreover, I cannot understate how important it is to have an understanding of both the creative and the business side — even though I still believe it's the drive and love for what you do that contributes to success. Follow your dreams and never give up. That alone, will take you far.

Growing up, I was a ballerina; the discipline I cultivated during dancing has served me well throughout my career. My love for art and creating beautiful things led me to FIDM. My love for FIDM, led me to looking for a full-time job. It was around this time, I realized if you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life. 

BCBGMaxAzria instagram

BCBGMaxAzria instagram