What We Bought: An H&M Trench, Quicksilver Jacket and More (Forum Shopaholics)

Even though it’s still officially summer (that’s what the calendar says, anyway), fall fashion has been on the brain for a while. And now, post-Labor Day, we can all embrace the coming season full force. Here are a few pieces forum members picked up for their autumnal style arsenals.

Zara-black-top H&M-trench


CosiDiModa fortified her work wardrobe with a semi-sheer black blouse from Zara.

Jinadaze scooped up a black H&M trench to ward off the chill of the season in style. 

COS-3-quarter-sleeve-top Gap-Merino-sweater


Jinadaze’s new wardrobe additions didn’t stop at the trench. She picked up two variations on the grey top – a three-quarter sleeved tee from COS and a merino V-neck pullover from the Gap. 

Whistles-green-scarf Passigatti-scarf


Jinadaze rounded out her purchases with a khaki green scarf from Whistles.

Blackcoffee also got in on the fall scarf love. She picked up a black and grey version by Passigatti. 

Vila-dress Quicksilver-jacket


Like everyone else, blackcoffee’s head was in the fall fashion game. She purchased a viscose shirtdress by VILA Clothes (with the intent to layer) and a chic parka to top off her look on colder days.