The 7 Types of Men to Avoid in Your Life



At first glance, it seems you’ve found Mr. Right. He sweeps you off your feet, says all the right things and may even romance you with thoughtful gestures. But before you fall head over heels in love to the tune of “here comes the bride,” how do you know you’ve found the elusive “one”? Upon closer inspection you’ll soon realize there are cracks in the surface you just can’t ignore. Sometimes we women are attracted to men we know deep down in our hearts are ones that we shouldn’t pursue, the types of men to steer clear of when dating. From boys who need mom’s approval to serial adulterers, these dating disasters should be avoided at all costs. Though these bad boys may be hard to spot at first, they eventually send out subtle signs that prove they’re relationship kryptonite. If you’re wondering if the guy who’s caught your eye is a keeper, this definitive list of the seven types of men to avoid in your life is sure to keep you on track for meeting the man of your dreams.

The Mama’s Boy

At first the close bond between a man and his mother might be a sweet sentiment you appreciate and may even consider a turn on, but when the guy you're dating decides you'll never live up to his idea of a perfect woman – his mom  then it's time to call it quits. A man who constantly seeks the approval of his mother and clears all plans, even the ones with you included, to be with his mom, it's an obvious sign the relationship is headed nowhere fast and signals you've got a true mama's boy on your hands. The problem is most mama's boys aren't looking for a relationship and an equal life partner; they're looking for the woman to take mom's place. In other words, the mama's boy is expecting you to cook, clean and baby them in a way only mom will do.

The Rebounder

The rebounder is the guy that won't stop talking and thinking about his longtime ex-girlfriend. Chances are the two of you hooked up after his bad breakup and he's still not over his last girlfriend and their serious relationship. His emotional baggage will weigh you down and will put a screeching halt to any plans for a future you hopefully envisioned with him by your side. He'll constantly compare you to his ex, suggest activities they used to do together and point out places they used to frequent. If you're looking to make new memories with the rebounder, you're out of luck because all this guy wants to do is live in the past.

The Immature Guy

He's way past the partying age and his frat boy days are long gone, but the immaturity level of this guy is one that surpasses his age. If you're currently tied down to a guy suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, you can bet no amount of fairy dust is going to make him grow up. It's time to leave your teens in the past and move forward with your life, and you can guarantee you won't be able to do so with this type of guy hanging around and holding you back. The immature guy may be fun now, but when he's still playing pranks and prioritizing his friends over you when you're starting to think marriage and about building a life together, this dude is going to look less appealing as the years go by.

The Bad Boy

There's no doubt about it, every girl has had a thing for the bad boy. This stereotypical type of man has a magnetic attraction that ladies just can't seem to resist, even when we know they're trouble and will do us no good. His charm and mystery make him instantly appealing, yet he's perpetually angry, acts like a touch guy, has run-ins with the law and looks super sultry while doing so. Take caution with the bad boy though, as the juvenile attraction to him can quickly turn sour when rebellion turns into recklessness.

The Player

The player is the type that's the ultimate ladies' man. He's easy to spot, yet women always fall for him. Sure he'll wine you and dine you using his suave moves and manipulate your emotions by paying you just enough compliments to strike up a conversation, but as soon as you bed him you can bet you'll never even get the chance to say goodbye because come morning he'll be gone – if you even get him to stay the night. The player often shows off with his flashy possessions like his extravagant house, fast cars and decadent jewelry, but isn't capable of displaying a genuine emotion that feels like he isn't gaming you. You'll know a player when you see one because you'll sense the shadiness and feel dirty just being around him.

The Eternal Bachelor

Mr. Perennial Bachelor is the man every woman wants to marry and the man every guy wants to be like. He's smart, successful, well-mannered and completely irresistible. He's the perfect catch, you'll wonder why some woman hasn't walked him down the aisle long ago, but before you fall hook, line and sinker, the one thing you should understand about your most eligible bachelor is that he's never settling down. He'll tell you he just hasn't found Ms. Right, but the truth is, this confession is meant to keep you on the hook a little longer since this unspoken suggestion implies you could be the one. Yeah, right! This relationship is a fool's journey because there will never be the right woman for this serial bachelor.

The Narcissist

In your relationship with the narcissist, there's no room for anyone but himself, leaving you out of the love equation because there's no one he adores more than himself. His manipulative personality will always paint him as the victim because he truly believes nothing exists outside of his thoughts, feelings and opinions. Arm yourself and be prepared for some over-the-top drama and fights you'll never win, as the narcissist may be wrong but in his world, he's perpetually right. And don't expect an apology either. The narcissist is so wrapped up in himself it will feel like you're part of a one-man circus. When in a relationship with this type of guy, he'll do everything in his power to win you over, control your life and separate you from your friends and family so you'll only keep the attention on him, which is exactly what he wants. Stay away!