Your Totally Non-Traditional Holiday Playlist

What is it about the holidays that has otherwise cool and discerning music listeners cranking up the Mariah Carey? By now, we all know Christmas music doesn't have to be so … well, Christmasy. There are plenty of genuinely good songs out there by your favorite artists (or some you haven't discovered yet) to make your holidays very merry. There are some very irreverent songs on this list, so traditionalists can move right along.

Santa Baby — The Hot Toddies

I was turned onto this song by a friend I bump into at a lot of shows, and that's always the guy you want to take your music recommendations from. The Hot Toddies get major bonus points for being able to exist as girls in a band singing "Santa Baby" without selling sex. Crew neck sweaters and hoodies all the way. You can keep your marabou-trim leatherette minis and gross sexy baby voice. Of course, it's not all morally upstanding. In fact, this may be a little NSFW because it sounds like The Hot Toddies are getting wrecked this Christmas.