Office Space: A Behind the Scenes Look at Luxury Activewear Brand ALALA

It's an undeniable fact that when you feel good you're more likely to have a good workout; it's also undeniable that women in most major cities are time crunched. With that in mind, ALALA founder and CEO Denise Lee started her new activewear brand. "I wanted to start a brand that made clothes that were fashionable enough to wear all day, but functional enough that you could just change your shoes and be ready to go to the gym," says Lee. "No one wants to lug around an extra set of clothes." Armed with an MBA and a background that includes working as Chris Burch's VP of business development — where she was instrumental in launching C. Wonder — Lee has succeeded in doing just that. We stopped by the ALALA office to find out more about the brand and get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming styles.