The Single Girl’s Guide to Traveling with Friends

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Planning a vacay with your besties? Have a blast (and skip the drama!) with these tips:

Communicate your expectations

During the early stages of planning, have a discussion and lay out all your dreams for the trip. Make sure your travel companions do the same. "If you are planning on laying on the beach, while one friend dreams of hiking and still another wants to shop till she drops, everyone could end up feeling disappointed. Open communication during the planning stages is a must," says Abbie Unger, a former flight attendant who now owns a career coaching business for aspiring flight attendants.

Ask the experts

Visitor centers are filled with local staff that have a wealth of information to help with travel planning. The Visitors Center’s staff are travel experts happy to help you plan and discover all the area has to offer.

Don't travel with a bad traveler

We've all made the mistake of traveling with someone we thought was a friend who turned out to be anything but as soon as you were at a destination with them. If you go on a trip, any kind of trip: shopping, grocery store, weekend getaway, and one of your friends is miserable the whole time, or makes others miserable,"don't take her on vacation. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a whiner. It sounds harsh, but it could save your trip," says Unger.

Plan ahead

Consider the best timing for you and your girlfriends and don’t risk disappointment by going without reservations.


Be sure to check with your friends about budgets. "Make sure everyone is on the same page and no one feels uncomfortable when it comes time for excursions," says Debby Hohler, Director of Corporate Communications for Upromise by Sallie Mae. Be clear about your budget.  "If one person has a tight budget while the other one wants to blow $100 on every meal, it's not going to work out!" 

Bunk up

"Most hotels will allow you to sleep up to 6 in a room, so look into rooms with pullout couches and roll away beds to make for the ultimate slumber party," says Hohler.

Try something new

Perhaps a horseback riding lesson or hot air balloon ride will create some laughs or a new memory.

Awaken all your senses

Let your getaway be a celebration of all the senses. Take in the pleasures of different sights and sounds, new foods and counterbalance all your activities and events with relaxation.

Be safe

Leave a copy of your itinerary, with flight numbers, hotel information and a brief description of your plans each day with someone back home. Make several copies of your passport. Leave one inside your luggage and one at home with your itinerary. If you do venture out on your own during the trip, let someone know the direction you are headed.

Reduce your baggage

During your "expectations" meeting, set a limit on luggage. It is not unreasonable to pack for a four day trip in a carry on bag (flight attendants pack for 6 days at a time and they don't even know where they are going). "Someone is going to have to get the luggage from point A to point B. Make sure everyone knows, 'You tow it, you stow it,'" says Unger.