o.b.® Tampon ‘Must-Do or Taboo?’ Challenge: Trusted Basics Never Go Out of Style

Image: The Outnet

Image: The Outnet

If there’s anything you learn in fashion, it’s that classics never die. The LBD, the perfect red lip, the schoolboy blazer–all of these are tried, true and trusted staples every woman should have in her closet. Over the years, each has stood the test of time, cropping up in wardrobes from generation to generation. Your grandmother had an LBD, you’ve got one, and probably a good number of your descendants will too. These pieces are classics because of the timeless, pulled together look they offer. They’re trusted basics that have become essentials, thanks to the mere fact that they work.

Kind of like o.b.® tampons, created 50 years ago by a German gynecologist who was looking for a better tampon option. When she couldn’t find one on the market, she got to work creating her own model, and in the end produced something that was easy to use, low-maintenance, comfortable (it easily fits to a woman’s unique body shape) and most importantly, provided great protection. On top of it all, she scrapped the bulky applicator, making her tampons delightfully ultra-discreet. The o.b.® tampon was born, and soon became a popular choice for women in the United States and Europe.

50 years later, o.b.® is still a staple in many medicine cabinets (and purses and dress pockets—not surprising, as they’re so small they can fit anywhere). Plus, they’re packaged so nice and tight, you won’t have to worry about the tampon coming out of its wrapper in your purse.

The last thing you want to wonder about your period is if your tampons are giving you the best protection. There are more important things to worry about–like which shoes you’re going to wear with your brand new LBD. When you’re properly protected and carefree, you’re ready to take on life’s challenges, bend a couple rules or even break them. Kissing on a first date, wearing a dark lip in the summer, rocking a heavy metal T-shirt at a hip hop concert…taboos become must-dos when you don’t have to worry about what your tampon is doing.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll follow four style bloggers as they get out of their comfort zones and tackle faux pas in style, beauty, dating, fitness and life. Read their adventures right here and find out if these so-called taboos are actually something every woman should try at least once. 

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