Australia’s 6 Top Model Chefs of Instagram

Who knows? Perhaps models have always been as good in the kitchen as they are on the catwalk. But now that we have Instagram as a socially acceptable way to follow them around in their down time, models who cook are definitely having a moment. And since it’s healthier to critique the physical appearance of someone’s stuffed endive leaves rather than their latest magazine cover, we’ve ranked Australia’s top model chef hopefuls. We can’t vouch for the taste, but it can’t hurt to take food inspiration from people who make a living from looking good.

1. Robyn Lawley

This girl is a kitchen wizard. We almost want to call her bluff and say this was ordered from a fancy restaurant, though previous Instagram evidence proves Robyn really does braise her own locally-sourced short ribs. She also makes a mean-looking snack for those of us not quite on the same skill level, which basically involves a whole lot of cheese melted on potatoes.

2. Tanja Gacic

For a salad, this dish is punching well above its weight. You could also omit the prosciutto for a vegetarian-friendly version that would still probably be 100% delicious. Tanja earns bonus points for writing out the entire recipe using only hashtags.

3. Montana Cox

This actually looks really impressive. We can’t see any evidence of an Old El Paso taco kit, and that even looks like real Mexican cheese on that perfectly charcoaled corn. The plating up might be a little eclectic, but it really just adds a nice homey touch. If she does this on the regular, Montana is a person you definitely want to befriend.

4. Jessica Gomes

It’s a fact of life that you can never have too much avocado. This looks so good we didn’t even notice there are no carbs involved.  

5. Maddison Brown

We don’t know if #MASTERCHEF is the correct hashtag to ascribe to something that could serve as a side salad, but this does look very delicious in a Whole Foods salad bar sort of way. The addition of quinoa makes it not just packed with protein, but very on-trend. Don’t forget to add those four important chickpeas.

6. Rachel Rutt

Based on cooking skill, this would rank about a "1," but how totally gorgeous is the setup? We don’t even care if that bread has mould on the bottom.