Why ‘The Notebook’ Still Makes Us Cry 10 Years Later

We can't believe it's been 10 whole years since The Notebook was released, and borderline-crazy obsessions with Ryan Gosling were formed. Admittedly, we've all watched the film one hundred times over, with all men falling short of our unrealistic expectations as a result. To celebrate the milestone, we've decided to revisit the Nicholas Sparks romantic novel-turned-film, and remind us why it still brings us to tears ten years on.

Opposites attract

The Notebook gave Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper (from The O.C.) a run for their money with the unlikely matching of a penniless country boy and an ambitious city girl. Add to that the disapproval of Allie's parents and you're left with an audience who has their fingers crossed for a triumph over these seemingly impossible odds.

First love

No one forgets their first love, meaning, we can all relate to Noah and Allie's crazy up-and-down, make-up-and-break-up summer romance. Need we remind you of the cringeworthy sex scene where two inexperienced teenagers strip down to their old-fashioned underwear? Regardless, the notion that your first love can be the person you spend the rest of your life with is quite a chummy thought for the audience.

The love triangle

In theory, having two guys fight over you sounds pretty good, but as we can see from Allie's triangle with Von and Noah, it's actually no fun at all. We subconsciously had to pick a side between the strapping, rich fellow she was engaged to or her first love Noah. That was enough to have us glued to the screen as if we were watching a sporting final.

The romance

Dancing in the street, love letters and making out in the rain are something of a rarity in our days of traffic, Facebook and ah, umbrellas. Every girl who has watched the 124 minutes of seemingly unrealistic romance is secretly wishing men would go to the same lengths for us.

The case of the ex

When Allie and Noah see each other again after all that time, it's a little awkward to watch. We get it, because most of us have had to deal with an ex at some point and can relate to how painfully uncomfortable it is.

They find their way back

In the midst of Allie's wedding planning she's handed a newspaper with Noah, the house and evidence of a kept promise. After all those years, they finally come back to one another and similarly in their old age, Allie's memory returns for the perfect fairy tale ending we all crave in a movie.