8 Unforgettable Model Cameos from TV and Film

Not every model is an actress and not every actress is a model, but sometimes, models become actresses — even if it is just for a moment. We love a good celebrity cameo here at tFS, especially when it comes from one of the many gorgeous gals and guys that grace our favorite magazines, runways and billboards. Even if they can’t really act, model cameos in movies and TV are always a treat for us fashion nerds. Below, eight model cameos from the big and small screen that we’ll never forget.

Gisele Bündchen in The Devil Wears Prada

She wasn’t going to get an Oscar for her appearance in The Devil Wears Prada, but you could definitely believe someone as leggy and gorgeous as Gisele would be working at Vogue, we mean, Runway magazine.

Kate Moss and David Gandy on Absolutely Fabulous

When Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley resurrected Absolutely Fabulous for a few special episodes in 2012, they tapped some famous fashion faces to help them out. In the scene above, Stella McCartney introduces Kate and David to Patsy Stone, who can’t resist an awkward interaction when she meets anyone famous.

Naomi Campbell on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Naomi appeared on an episode of Fresh Prince in which Will Smith’s character sets her up on a blind date with his butler Geoffrey. And what a surprise, decades later the supermodel looks almost exactly the same.

Tyra Banks on Shake It Up!

Tyra already had a pretty long acting résumé, so by the time she was called upon to make an appearance as a frumpy, lonely librarian with questionable makeup, we knew to expect the same kind of goofy energy she brought to her (too) many ANTM “bits.”

Christie Brinkley on Parks and Recreation

There are few things better than Christie‘s recurring role as Gayle Gergich, aka the wife of Jerry (or Garry) Gergich, the bumbling, middle-aged parks department employee who is always the butt of staff jokes. But when the team gets a load of Ms. Brinkley as Jerry’s (Garry) wife, they see why he’s able to put up with their teasing. When you come home to a wife who looks like that, there’s probably little anyone can say to get you down.

Tyson Beckford in Zoolander

There were so many models in the Zoolander movie, but Tyson as Derek Zoolander’s runway walk-off coach was our favorite. And yes, it has everything to do with him being incredibly hot.

Stacey McKenzie in The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element was full of model appearances — not surprising considering Jean Paul Gaultier designed the costumes and one of the main characters is played by Milla Jovovich. But the movie was also filled with appearances from other models, including Stacey, who played a flight attendant on a spaceship.

Claudia Schiffer in Love Actually

Who wouldn’t fall in love with Claudia after mistakenly bumping into her?