Interview: Charlotte Best Talks Acting, Morals and Working with the Bondi Hipsters

Charlotte Best AACTA Awards Nominations

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Budding young actress Charlotte Best, who you might know as Puberty Blues‘ moll-calling Cheryl Hayes or Home & Away‘s shy and innocent Annie Campbell, is showing no signs of slowing down after scoping out work opportunities in L.A.

Like a lot of young, up-and-coming Aussie talent, the 21-year-old has her eyes set on the US for future acting work and developing her career. “There’s a lot more work over there, so you kind of have to think about it these days,” she explains to theFashionSpot, adding that she wishes she could work in Australia forever. 

She also says that the demand for Aussie talent is very high in the US at the moment, which is why she believes the trend of moving abroad is growing. “They kind of appreciate us for our down-to-earth work ethic. I guess they’re always just looking for something fresh and new, and at the moment it’s Aussies, apparently!”  

But it’s her role back home that’s got everyone talking, with her Puberty Blues character showcasing how some young girls behaved in the 70s. We’re talking sexual promiscuity, binge drinking and just general troublemaking, but Charlotte thinks girls are on the right track these days.

“I think there’s always going to be girls who want to muck around, but I think [it happens] a lot less these days,” she says. “Girls are much more strong-willed and independent.”

As an influential actress, Charlotte has found herself becoming a role model to a lot of these young girls. It’s a job she doesn’t take lightly. “I think if you’re on social media and you’re a young actress in this industry, you have to be really careful with what you put out there and what you portray as good morals and good standards,” she explains. “A lot of my followers are really young, and I worry about them with what is out there at the moment.”

Charlotte Best attends Zimmermann store opening

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Charlotte has also recently finished working on the new ABC show Soul Mates, starring the famous Bondi Hipsters. “The way that show works is really cool, because the directors are the writers and they’re acting as well. It’s kind of chaotic, we’re all just mucking around constantly!”

She also thought the show’s characters Dom Nader and Adrian Archer, real nahms Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier, were “impressive”. “Those boys are so creative and intelligent,” she says.

But acting isn’t all this octopus woman can do, with Charlotte now modelling for brands like Aussie retailer Supré. “I’ve really enjoyed it with Supré. They’re very relaxed and it’s all about being yourself. It’s ok to be a bit more curvy, like I am!” she laughs.

Charlotte Best models Supré campaign

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“Im not a very good model but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it, and I guess you kind of have to do a bit of both when you’re an actress. The two go hand in hand,” she continues. With a face like that, why wouldn’t she donate her good looks and charm?

Charlotte is currently based in Australia, but her move to the US is definitely in the works. Perhaps she’ll follow in the footsteps of her old Summer Bay neighbours like Naomi Watts, Melissa George and Isla Fisher. She’s one to watch. You heard it here first.