Whitney Port Gives Intern Advice at Mixology’s Manhattan Opening


Whitney Port

Whitney Port; Image: Getty

In case you were wondering what all the ruckus was on 3rd Avenue and 83rd Street last night, it was the grand opening of Mixology‘s new retail outlet. The new 1800 square foot shopping enclave was packed with well-heeled guests, mingling at the bar and perusing the shelves full of designer brands like Jet, Gab Kate and For Love and Lemons. On hand for the special occasion was Whitney Port, whose collection is stocked with the Long Island-based retailer. We caught up with the designer for a quick chit-chat.

tFS: We heard you were a longtime family friend of the owners of Mixology. How’d you meet?

Whitney Port: We actually just met at a trade show and immediately hit it off. They have been such amazing supporters of my collection. 

tFS: In the beginning of your career, you landed a slew of successful fashion jobs. What’s your advice for people who want to get into the industry?

WP: Gain as much experience in the industry as you can, starting at a young age. Whether that’s interning, working in retail or majoring in fashion. Just try to immerse yourself in any and every facet of the industry. 

tFS: What should prospects wear on their first major interview?

WP: The key is to show off your personal style without being too loud. I recommend hem lines no further up than the knee, no bra straps showing and light makeup. 

tFS: What was the craziest thing you had to do as an intern?

WP: Massage a celebrity’s feet with lotion because they were ashy…

tFS: What’s the secret to a successful internship?

WP: Never say no. Be the one who can make anything happen. Have a positive attitude always. Know when to speak up and when to be quiet. And dress appropriately. 

tFS: You launched your clothing line, Whitney Eve, in 2009. What’s your biggest challenge these days?

WP: I need to do a better job of focusing on my own dreams as opposed to what everyone else out there is doing and accomplishing. We are all on our own journeys!