Inside Rebecca Minkoff’s Closet Makeover

Rebecca Minkoff stands in her new organized closet

Rebecca Minkoff in her upgraded closet.

When you get the chance to take a tour of Rebecca Minkoff‘s closet, you don’t pass it up. Her gorgeous space did not disappoint thanks to Laurel & Wolf, a virtual interior design company. The innovative service transformed her walk-in closet from a “mess,” as she once called it, to a chic fashion oasis showcasing her stylish clothes and accessories. And it was all done online.

A before and after look at Rebecca Minkoff Closet Makeover by Laurel & Wolf

Rebecca Minkoff’s closet before (left) and after (right) her Laurel & Wolf makeover.

Laurel & Wolf offers affordable design services by virtually connecting clients with interior designers. After taking an online style quiz about their space, budget and style, clients get a digital customized style board, a detailed shopping list, a floor plan and instructions to help transform their space. The process is perfect for busy women like Minkoff.

We spoke with the company’s CEO and founder Leura Fine about working with Minkoff, upgrading our own closets and why virtual interior design is the wave of the future. Click through the slideshow below for our exclusive interview, along with a tour of Minkoff’s upgraded closet.

Images: Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf