Survive Dry January With These Delicious Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

After all the pre-dinner drinks, dinner drinks and post-dinner drinks over the holidays (not to mention the late night sherry and afternoon mulled wines), there’s no doubt our bodies are feeling the strain. Now’s the time to be nice to our livers, so whether you’re doing Dry January or just a drier January, it’s time to embrace the mocktails, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drink options, shun the hangovers and reap the benefits. Remember, a “dry month” won’t wipe your liver entirely clean or transform you into a new person. Instead, it’s an opportunity to realize all the times you don’t need to drink, to establish how different it makes you feel and, ultimately, influence and improve your intake going forward. Whatever the reason you’re lessening your booze consumption and regardless of how strict you’re being on yourself, take note of these delicious drinks (and tips) that will help you pull through the month — and beyond.

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