The Best Fashion Art History Feeds on Instagram

You may not think of Instagram as a space to brush up on your art history, but there’s more to everyone’s favorite social media app than contouring tutorials and dream breakfasts. The fashion world and the art world have often intersected, from Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 Mondrian shift dresses to Rodarte’s 2012 van Gogh sunflower prints and now the relationship has gone digital. We’ve stumbled upon 14 fashion art history feeds on Instagram that dig up gorgeous black-and-white photos from the fashion archives, share exquisite museum-worthy antique pieces and zoom in on the sartorial details hidden in classic paintings.

As if we needed another excuse to scroll, these accounts and their celebrations of the collision between art and fashion are surprisingly educational, giving you a sense of a trend’s place in fashion history. So if you’re one of those old souls who feels like they were born in the wrong century — or just a fashion lover who hearts art — you’ll definitely want to hit follow. These feeds’ illuminating looks into fashion’s artistic roots will make you do a double-take and a double-tap.