The Best Beard Straighteners

We all deal with bad hair days, but what about bad beard days? Whether your beard is thin and wispy or thick and rugged, it can be hard to manage without the right tools. That's why beard straighteners were invented. These sleek devices are designed to help comb heat through your beard, straightening the strands. There are tons of different options available on the market, so it can be quite overwhelming to try to find the perfect one. That's why we did the research for you and found the best of the best in beard straighteners. Here, we've whittled down the list to just our favorites, from the inexpensive option to the premium pick.

Beard Straightener with Free Balm and Oil

Everything You Need

With a fair price and all the best features that we look for in a beard straightener, this option from XikeZan is the best buy for your beard.
Best Overall

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This option from XikeZan makes the top of our list and it’s easy to see why. With a reliable, ionic heater, this bad boy glides effortlessly through hair. Plus, the perfectly-spaced comb teeth help make quick work of straightening even the longest of beards. It features three different heat settings and a temperature display to let you know when it’s ready to go. The teeth also feature protective guards, so it can move freely about your face without scorching your hair. It has other safety features too, like an auto-turn-off feature. Perfectly sized to toss into your bag, this beard straightener from XikeZan has few worthy competitors.


  • Heats up to a max of 428-degrees in as a little as 2 minutes
  • Uses ion technology to reduce static
  • Great value for the price
  • It comes with quality beard oil and beard balm, so you really get the most bang-for-your-buck


  • Not ideal for very short beards

Beard Straightener For Men

Scald-Free Straightening

Another fantastic overall option, this affordable option is easy to work through your beard thanks to the angled, ergonomic grip and the well-spaced comb.
Runner Up

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This pick from the aptly-named company Grow Alpha Beard is another fantastic option. It’s speedy, easy to grip, and super affordable. Able to reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 seconds, Grow Alpha beard straighteners make sure you can achieve a straighter beard in record time. Best of all, this option comes with free beard oil and beard balm, so you can make sure your whiskers look their absolute best.


  • Simple operation and heats up fast
  • 3 Different temperature settings
  • Easy-to-grip ergonomic handle
  • Fantastic value for the price


  • The maximum temperature is 410-degrees Fahrenheit, so those with extra-unruly beards may want something with a bit more power

Tame’s Easy Glide Beard Straightener

A Gift That They'll Actually Use

Whether you're hunting for a gift for a loved one or just trying to treat yourself to something quality, we recommend this option from Tame The Wild.
Best Gift

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This option from Tame The Wild makes for the perfect gift, even if you plan to gift it to yourself. An excellent option for beginners and beard veterans alike, this pick features a 30-second heat-up time, an easy-grip handle, a 360-degree swivel cord, and a 30-minute shut-off. And just to sweeten the deal, Tame The Wild throws in a handsome wooden comb that’s perfect for keeping strays in check throughout the day.


  • Three temperature settings to experiment with
  • Simple, sleek design
  • Includes an anti-static comb that you can fit nicely into your pocket


  • Not that effective on short hairs less than 1″ in length

Arkam Beard Straightener for Men

A premium pick for premium results

Although it may cost a bit more than the other options on our list, this sleek option from Arkam is the best beard straightener money can buy.
Best Premium

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It costs a bit extra to look this good. This premium pick from Arkam is capable of sculpting your beard in just a few strokes. Not only does that mean you’ll save precious time, but fewer strokes means less risk of burning or drying out your beard. Even better, the device heats up in just 30 seconds and can reach a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230 C). With anti-scalding comb teeth and a swivel-design cord, straightening your beard has never been easier nor faster. Arkam’s beard straightener has all the best features that we look for in a straightener and delivers the quickest results you can get. After all, what’s the point of having a beard if you can’t show it off?


  • US-based company
  • Includes quality beard comb
  • 12 temperature settings


  • The backside of the casing gets hot with extended use

Dolirox Beard Straightener for Men Multi-functional with Beard Balm

For more than just your beard

A great choice as a beard straightener, this pick from Dolorix works to straighten the hair on your head as well.
Best Dual-Use

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Although all of the options on our list can theoretically be used to straighten the hair on your head, this option from Dolirox does both the best. The combs are the ideal length for shorter hair, and the dual temperature modes are perfect for swapping between course beard hair and softer head hair. Better yet, the ceramic heat plate is integrated with the comb and brushes through all hair types with ease. As an added bonus, it comes with an ounce of natural beard balm to moisturize your beard. Considering the potential costs of beard balm and a separate hair straightener, this pick from Dolirox will save you money, time, and space.


  • Includes beard balm
  • Lightweight
  • Straightens hair on your head and chin
  • Tangle-free cord design rotates


  • Only two temperature settings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best technique for straightening my beard with a beard straightener?

You’ve worked hard to grow a full beard, but now it’s frizzy and unkempt. As a matter of fact, most beards are curly or wavy naturally. A quality beard straightener can mean the difference between looking like a hermit and a Greek god, so it’s important to get it right. We recommend prepping with a warm shower. Make sure the water is warm, but not too hot, as a scalding shower can dry out your beard and skin.

After you’ve shampooed, rinsed, and dabbed your beard dry, it’s ready for straightening. Turn on the straightener and wait for it to reach the desired level. If you start attacking your beard with a straightener that’s in the middle of heating up, you risk drying it out prematurely and burning the hair. Once it’s fully heated up, start by running the straightener through one section at a time, then moving on to other parts. Remember to always pull away from your face. Once you’ve straightened your hair, we recommend hydrating with a beard balm or oil. With a little practice, you’ll be sporting a straight and shiny beard on the daily.

What is negative ion technology and is it important?

You may have noticed that several of the items on our list feature a negative ion technology. When you over-dry your hair, you remove enough negative ions to give your hair a positive charge. This leads to frizzy strands that stand up in all directions due to their positive static charge. Ionic straighteners will emit negative ions to replenish the negative charge in your beard hair. This process sheds water molecules, so it’s not ideal for very dry, very fine hair.