The Best Facial Sprays

When it comes to your face, you may already have a great skincare routine in place. But if your facial skin is feeling dry and unloved or warm and flushed, a facial spray is the versatile solution that can relieve your skin no matter why it’s struggling. Face sprays can contain a wide variety of fabulous skin-soothing ingredients, but in general, they all aim to hydrate, refresh, and moisturize the face. Here we’ve gathered our absolute favorite options, from the ultra-popular to the secretly amazing.

Mario Badescu Rosewater and Aloe Facial Spray

The People's Favorite

In recent years, this particular spray has acquired more than just a cult following. Anyone who tries it seems to be instantly hooked on the light, delightful scent and the gentle moisturizing effect it provides.
Best Overall

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This Mario Badescu spray is one of several in a line of divine facial sprays, and it’s the most popular among them, chiefly because of its inclusion of coveted and luxurious-smelling rosewater. Its careful blend of skin-soothing herbs, aloe, and rosewater is the perfect pick-me-up for tight, dry, or uncomfortable skin. It settles gently on the skin, leaving behind nothing but a soft scent and moisturized face. It’s non-irritating, great for sensitive skin, and won’t ruin your makeup.


  • Settles lightly and leaves no residue
  • Gentle floral scent
  • Highly affordable
  • Doesn’t damage makeup


  • May irritate breakout-prone skin
  • Effects don’t last all day

Evian Facial Spray

The Thirst Quencher

Yes, this is the same Evian as the water you might be drinking (or dreaming of). It’s an ultra-fine mist of Evian water designed specifically to hydrate your facial skin.
Most Simple

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This hydrating facial mist is unique in that it’s made from the same Evian water you’ve previously seen in its drinkable form, which means it has the same quality mineral content and purity level. The spray is packaged in a bottle that produces an ultra-fine mist, perfect for gently dusting over your skin. This facial spray also serves multiple uses, functioning as a skin hydrator, toner, makeup-blending spray, and refresher.


  • Use it any time of the day for hydration or freshness
  • Helps blend and finish makeup looks
  • Free from chemicals
  • Balances the skin’s pH


  • Higher price
  • Mist sprayer may be inconsistent

Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water Spray

Silky Smooth

This spray has a multitude of miraculous uses, and might just be your skin’s dream-come-true product. With a basis of thermal spring water, this luxury spray is perfectly tailored to the skin.
Most Luxurious

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The basis of this spray, thermal spring water, perfectly blankets the skin with healing antioxidant power. This jack of all trades spray can be used to calm irritation after shaving the face, soothe skin after a workout, or even alleviate redness from psoriasis, rosacea, and other skin conditions. The spray goes on light and airy and blends right in to deliver great results with no visible or noticeable residue.


  • Ultra-fine mist sprayer means the product goes a long way
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Softens and hydrates the skin instantly
  • Safe for kids and adults alike
  • Neutral pH


  • Another higher price tag
  • Made from nothing but thermal spring water

Teddie Organics Rose Water Spray

Like Heavenly Ambrosia for Your Skin

This dual toner and refreshing facial spray is a gentle option made from luxuriously-scented rosewater, sure to soothe and hydrate all skin types.
Organic Pick

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Teddie Organics Rose Water Spray works expertly as both a skincare toner and an anytime facial spray, providing a boost of moisture, freshness, and rose scent in a beautiful package. Prep your skin for serums and moisturizers by using this organic spray in your evening skincare routine. Just don’t forget that it doubles as a spray for all-day use. Rose water is anti-inflammatory and hydrating, beyond being coveted for its delicate scent. This spray gives you all of those benefits and more.


  • Smells light and refreshing
  • Made with pure, organic rose water
  • Dual-use as a toner and facial spray
  • Can clear up skin irritation


  • Pump may be unreliable
  • Higher price

Garnier Skin Active Facial Mist

Sweet as Roses, Cheap as Air

Rose water is clearly the skincare spray solution du jour these days, and this Garnier option is a great affordable standby with plenty of hydration and skin benefits.
Best on a Budget

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Featuring divine rose water, this gentle spray is ideal for sensitive skin and a versatile skin pick-me-up. Like most facial sprays, it serves several purposes, including that of toner, moisturizing boost, makeup primer, and skin refresher. The major distinction that sets this spray apart is its lower price point, making it more manageable to use daily while still staying on a budget. It also continues to provide excellent hydration and comfort for dry, irritated, or overheated skin.


  • Bottle is made from 30% recycled plastic
  • Great on a budget
  • Perfect for use in a daily skincare routine


  • Scent may be more intense than other sprays
  • Less thoroughly moisturizing


Frequently Asked Questions

Is facial spray good for both normal skin and sensitive skin?

Yes. While you should always check the ingredients before purchasing a product, to ensure it has none of your known allergens or irritants, most facial sprays are specifically intended to be great for sensitive skin, and none have unnatural perfumes or chemicals.

When should I use facial spray?
Facial sprays are generally intended to have multiple uses, making them helpful throughout the day. Many serve a dual purpose as a toner, which means you can use them as part of your evening or morning daily skincare routine. They’re also hydrating and refreshing, which makes them great for after a workout or a day in the sun, to moisturize dry skin, or as a primer spray for makeup application.

How do I pick the right spray for me?
First, consider whether you’d prefer a scented or unscented product. Rose water sprays, which are very popular, will all have a gentle floral scent. On the other hand, thermal water-based sprays will often be unscented. Then consider any additional ingredients you do or don’t want, depending on your skin’s needs and sensitivities. Finally, decide what purposes you’d like your spray to meet and choose the spray that is most aligned.