The Best Glass Nail Files

Why use a regular old nail file when you could enjoy the soothing, calming experience of using a glass nail file? Emery boards and other old-school nail files can actually tear, rip, and crack your nails (ouch); not to mention, the rough sensation of an emery board scraping across your nails isn't the most pleasant feeling in the world. Because glass nail files are made from such durable, smooth materials, though, you don't have to worry about ripping your nails or chipping your pristine manicure. Glass nail files can also be used in multiple directions, unlike emery boards. For the best glass nail files available, look no further than the ones on this list.

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files (Set of 3)

This set nails it

This crystal nail file set from Mont Bleu is the best on the market.
Best Overall

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Looking for a nail file? Wrong. You’re looking for three nail files. With this three-pack in your nail care arsenal, you’ll never find yourself in a crisis where your nail file is nowhere to be found. Stick one in your office drawer, one in your bathroom, and one in your purse and you’ll have one for every scenario. As far as their quality goes, suffice it to say that they’re handmade in the EU from Czech glass alloy, then double-tempered to harden them. Thanks to this, these will last you a long time.

Practicality aside, what we love perhaps more than anything else is the enormous range of color options Mont Blue offers. You can buy your 3-pack in a sleek monochrome colorway or opt for more colorful options such as Blood Orange or White Carnation.


  • Extra-strong build makes them great for those with thick nails.
  • Handmade in the Czech Republic.
  • Double-tempered construction ensures their longevity.


  • The texture of the glass rubbing against your nails may feel strange and potentially irritate those who are sensitive to such sensations.

Bona Fide Beauty Premium Glass Nail File

Elegant and effective

Touting high-quality Czech glass and a more-than-reasonable price, this sleek nail file has serious appeal.
Runner Up

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Czech glass nail files are often deemed one of the most essential beauty tools to keep on hand simply because of how well they work. With its gorgeous, handcrafted design and its Czech ‘Bohemian’ tempered glass, this one from Bona Fide Beauty is no exception.  This wear- and water-resistant glass is built to last, and to ensure that it’s protected from the elements, this one comes with a case, too.


  • Czech glass of the highest quality.
  • Glass is rust-, water-, and wear-resistant, so you’ll have this file for a long time.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • Not the cheapest file.

G. Liane Crystal Glass Nail File

Protect your tools

Whether you're a traveler or you just want to keep your nail file protected in your purse, this one comes with a case to keep your file protected.
Best Set With Case

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What is it, exactly, that makes G. Liane’s nail file so popular? Is it the slim, sleek design that feels elegant without being fragile? Or maybe its many fans love that its nonporous surface means there are no crevices for nasty bacteria to grow and that it’s also beyond easy to clean. Could it be the ultra-affordable price? All those things play a role, sure, but the standout feature on this file is its included case. Whether you want to keep it in your purse on the daily or travel with it, the included case adds a lot in the name of convenience. It also makes this file a great option for traveling, as you can throw it in your toiletry bag without worrying about it breaking in transit.


  • Grit is strong enough to get the job done easily without being overkill
  • Lovely packaging would make it a nice gift


  • Not as sturdy as some of its competitors

EAONE Glass Nail Files (3-Pack)

Classy and affordable

Sold in a huge variety of colors, these 3-packs offer the most bang for your buck.
Best On A Budget

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If you’re a bit less picky when it comes to which nail file you buy, and you’re more interested in having a decent-looking file that gets the job done at a reasonable price, this is your pick. Sold as a three-pack, each with its own case, the files are double-sided to maximize the control you have while you’re filing. Aside from being supremely affordable, what sets them apart from the competition is their eye-catching gradient color design — one in blue, one in purple, and one in red.


  • Very lightweight, even with the case.
  • Ideal for budget-minded shoppers.
  • Gradient design is unique.


  • Can make a shrill squeaking noise when they catch a bad angle, but this is rare.

SixVector Premium Glass Nail File

The gift of giving

This file is perfect to round out a gift bundle for that special someone.
Best Gift

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This one from SixVector comes in a case that couldn’t be prettier. The gleaming, stylish, chrome-plated case comes in a wide range of cool, eclectic colors, including Apricot, Light Purple, Classic Piano Black, and Rose Red, so it’ll make a lovely and affordable gift for someone you care about. Of course, this SixVector file doesn’t just run on looks alone; it works like a charm when it comes to shaping, polishing, and smoothing nails. The fine nano-technology sculpture ridges on each side of the file work to deliver truly salon-grade nails. It’s small and compact enough to fit in any handbag or purse. Simply put, it’s both pretty and practical, making it an ideal present to give someone.


  • Fine nano-technology ridges on both sides of the file.
  • Small, compact, and lightweight.
  • The case is extra-glamorous, and it’s available in a dozen elegant designs.


  • Doesn’t get under the nail super easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my glass nail file?

You use a glass nail file to shape and shorten your nails; however, as opposed to traditional emery nail files, you can use a glass nail file in any direction, not just in one direction.

What type of nail file should I get?

Glass files tend to be much gentler on the nails than traditional nail files or metal files.

Do I have to worry about my glass nail file breaking?

As long as you take proper care of your glass nail file, it shouldn’t break. That’s because the glass has been chemically treated and is therefore very durable, not at all like a normal, breakable piece of glass.