The Best Hair Clips

In case you hadn't heard, hair clips are back in style, in a big, big way. And the best part? There are dozens of types of clips to choose from, depending on how bold or subtle you want your hairstyle to be. Whether you'd prefer something sparkly and show-stopping for an updo, a pretty vintage-style barrette for a cute everyday look, or just a big butterfly clip to hold up your hair while you wash your face, there are tons of hair clips to choose from. From elegant pearl barrettes to chic, simple clips to chunky butterfly clamps, these are the best hair clips available today.

Goody Hair Barrettes

Chic, simple, and versatile

Sometimes simplicity is best: And that's certainly the case with these Goody barrettes.
Best Overall

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For the all-around best hair clips in terms of simple, chic design, versatile style, and sheer value, it’s tough to beat good ol’ Goody Hair Barrettes. These trendy clips are the perfect fix for a bad hair day; and, most importantly, they have a sturdy clasp that fastens snugly to your hair without tugging or pulling your precious strands. These minimalist-cute clips come in silver, bronze, and gold, in various styles and sizes, and they’re great for all hair types.


  • Clips come in a variety of styles and colors, for multiple styling options.
  • They fasten snugly to hair without pulling.
  • Awesome value, considering that you get eight clips in one pack.


  • It would be nice if this pack came with at least one bigger clip; most of them are fairly small to medium-sized.

Fani Hair Barrettes

Class up your hairdo

Add an instant dose of elegance to any hairstyle with these Fani clips.
Best Fancy Look

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If you want to glam up your normal hairstyle, the Fani Hair Barrettes offer a winning mix of sophistication and playfulness that’ll take you from drab to fab in mere seconds. Crafted from artificial pearls and alloys, these clips can be used in various hairstyles, for any number of occasions where you need to get a little fancy. They come in an eight-pack, and you get both white and red pearl-studded barrettes in four different styles.


  • Playfully elegant design; these look great with various hairstyles and types of hair.
  • Not flimsy at all, like some clips can be.
  • Variety: You get eight clips in four different styles and two colors.


  • Not the best fit for children.

BBTO Vintage Hair Clips

Classy vintage style for the win

Why go the plain old functional route when you could wear these cool vintage clips?
Best Vintage Look

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Sturdily made and elegantly decorative, the BBTO Vintage Hair Clips come in a pack of twelve patterns, with five different styles of leaf bobby pins. In addition to being classy and cute, these vintage clips fasten securely to your hair, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping or falling off.


  • Come in a variety of styles and patterns, so you can customize your look.
  • Great for adults and children.


  • Every clip is the same size, so there’s no variation in size.

Revlon Strong-Hold Hair Claw Clips

Big and beautiful

The Revlon Strong-Hold Clips are ideal if you need a clip that can hold all your hair.
Best Big Size

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If you need a giant, comfy-to-wear hair clip, the Revlon Strong-Hold Hair Claw boasts some serious all-day holding power, keeping your hair neatly back from your face as go about your day. It’s so much more stylish (and, not to mention, functional) than a regular hair tie.


  • Double-teeth design securely holds hair in place.
  • Doesn’t tug or pull hair.
  • Easy to create an elegant-looking updo with these.


  • If your hair is super-thick, a single clip might not be enough to hold up your hair.

Diane Large Butterfly Clamps

Gotta love a super-cute butterfly clip

For a basic butterfly clip, the Diane Large Butterfly Clamps are best.
Best Butterfly Clips

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In case you hadn’t heard, the ’90s are back with a vengeance, and there’s nothing more ’90s than a well-placed butterfly clip. This super-cute clip from Diane has easy-to-grip handles, which make it a cinch to style and section your hair. Also, you get 12 clips in one package, so these clips are a great value buy.


  • Handles are easy to grip.
  • Size is ideal.
  • Comes with 12 clips.


  • Clips really work best for medium-thick to fine hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I style hair clips?

There are several ways you can style your hair clips, depending on your specific hair texture and style. Use a cute hair clip on a side-parted hairstyle, to spice up a boring bun or ponytail, or simply place a clip right above the ear and push it back. The sky’s the limit.

Are hair clips bad for my hair?

No, hair clips don’t damage your hair, as long as you don’t wear them at night to prevent snagging and tugging.