The Best Hair Clips

Hair clips are back in style and, depending on how bold or subtle you want your hairstyle to be, there are dozens of types of clips from which to choose. Whether you prefer something sparkly and show-stopping, a pretty vintage-style barrette for a cute everyday look, or just a big butterfly clip to keep your hair off your face, there are plenty of awesome options. Here, we've compiled a list of the best of the best in hair clips. Read on to discover the perfect pick to add to your next outfit.

Goody Classics Contour Hair Clips

Snap them on and off

Snap clips go missing pretty easily, so we recommend stocking up with this 3-pack of high-performance clips from Goody.
Best Snap Clips

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Much like guitar picks, hairpins, chapstick, and your favorite pens, snap clips have a knack for getting lost. But rather than replace your missing clips with something weak, consider these premium clips from Goody. The classic design stays in place all day long and won’t tug your hair when it’s time to remove it. Better yet, this pack comes in a variety of colors, so you can match your clip to your outfit.


  • They’re medium-sized, so they can handle the widest range of hair types
  • Easy to clip and unclip
  • No sharp edges
  • Comes in a variety of different colors


  • The medium size isn’t ideal for holding back heavy or thick hair

Nackiy Macaron Hair Barrettes, 20 Pieces

Beautiful barrette

This gorgeous 20-piece set of hair barrettes offers a wide variety of styles for any occasion.
Best Barrettes

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Nothing can augment a cute outfit quite like a dazzling barrette. This affordable 20-pack offers a variety of designs that feature faux pearls, gold and copper colors, and dazzling jewels. From one look at one of these fancy-pants barrettes, no one could ever guess that the price is super inexpensive. They’re functional, too, and do a great job of clipping back hair to keep it out of your face.


  • They’re fairly large in size and look lovely
  • With such a large variety, you’ll have a pin for every outfit
  • Some options can be used for formal events and others are more casual-looking
  • Super affordable


  • They don’t exactly lock in place, so those with fine hair may still experience some fly-aways

Aileam Hair Claw Banana Clips, 2 Pieces

Tame the mane

With a strong grip and an optimal size, these banana clips from Aileam are ideal for hair that's both thick and fine.
Best For Thick Hair

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This pick from Aileam is an instant favorite among those that need something sturdy, strong, and stylish. These banana clips grip your thick locks with the right amount of hold and keep that grip all day long. Ideal for those with thicker hair, the teeth are short and simple, while the spring mechanism is strong and reliable. If you dig the leopard-print and tortoise style, these powerful clips are a no-brainer.


  • Long-lasting and strong
  • The short teeth don’t tangle thicker hair


  • The leopard print and tortoise style don’t always match every outfit

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I style hair clips?

There are several ways you can style your hair clips, depending on your specific hair texture and style. Use a cute hair clip on a side-parted hairstyle, to spice up a boring bun or ponytail, or simply place a clip right above the ear and push it back. The sky’s the limit.

Are hair clips bad for my hair?

No, hair clips won’t damage your hair. That being said, we suggest taking the clip off before you go to bed to avoid snagging and tugging.