The 5 Best Makeup Erasers

Skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s understandable you want to take care of it. For makeup wearers in particular, it’s important to remove foundation, blush, mascara and anything else unless you want to risk breakouts. Makeup eraser cloths nix the step of adding cleanser to a towel. You simply wet the cloth with warm water, scrub and just like that, the makeup is gone. It’s truly a magical makeup wonder.

Makeup Eraser, The Original

The best of the best

The price may be lofty, but this product makes it easy to remove all traces of makeup.
Best Overall

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It’s no surprise the original makeup eraser cloth, the Makeup Eraser, would be at the top of the list. The dual sided cloth removes makeup with just water. No harsh makeup removers or micellar water is needed. Just good ‘ol water. After using one side of the soft material to remove makeup, use the other side to give skin a gentle exfoliation. The super soft material washes and dries easily after each use.


  • Works easily to remove makeup, no scrubbing needed
  • Ideal for all skin types


  • Expensive for just one cloth

Erase Your Face Makeup Removing Cloths

Always stay ready

You’ll never have to worry about not having a makeup wipe on hand thanks to this pack.
Best Multi-Pack

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One makeup remover is great, but what about a few? Four to be exact. So even if you’re waiting for one cloth to dry, you always have backups or you can place one in your travel bag or gym bag when you need to give your skin some pampering on the go. It effortlessly gets rid of foundation, blush, lip stains and even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Also, these can last for quite some time, several months of washing, before needing to be replaced.


  • Affordable
  • Material doesn’t irritate the skin


  • The cloth can dry out and has to be wet several times while using it
  • Some makeup can stain the cloth and be hard to wash out

Parker & Sally Reusable Makeup Remover Face Towel Set

For all occasions

This kit includes cloths big and small and even a handy item to keep them clean.
Best Kit

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You could get a makeup remover or a few, but why not get an entire set with a range of products. Someone who wears makeup on a regular basis or someone who’s just trying to move away from disposable makeup wipes will love this Parker & Sally kit. Consisting of three microfiber cloths, six pads and a laundry bag, this has you covered. The pads are just as effective as the bigger cloths, but they’re ideal for traveling. And because the cloths and pads need to be washed to prevent bacteria or your skin from breaking out, there’s also an included laundry bag.


  • The pads have small finger pockets for ease of use
  • They are machine washable


  • Some of the cloths can leave lint on your face

Classic.Simple.Good Makeup Remover Cloth

Take them to go

Whether you’re traveling near or far, take advantage of the resealable pouch.
Best for Travel

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It’s the little things that can separate similar products from one another. This pack of makeup cloths has a few functional features to make your life, and makeup removal, even easier. The duo comes in a resealable package that makes storage easy and ensures the clean cloths stay clean. Also, the small loop on the end makes it easy to hang the remover up when not in use or as it’s drying.


  • Functional for washing your face at home or on the go
  • The sealed package is air tight


  • Takes a bit of work to remove waterproof mascara
  • Leaves fuzz behind after several washes

STS Always Off Makeup Remover Cloths

Wallet friendly beauty

The bold colors are cute, but these cloths are just as functional with removing makeup.
Best Budget

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Some makeup eraser cloths can cost 10 or even $20 for a single piece of fabric. Though the price might be worth it, for others it’s just way too expensive. This pack of wipes is low on cost but the microfiber material works to remove makeup or oil when used with water or your favorite cleanser. Also, the fun colors and prints are pretty cool.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Great for light makeup removal


  • Needs a bit of makeup remover cleanser to work effectively

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a makeup eraser cloth?

Most makeup erasers need to be washed before the initial use. After that, apply warm water to the cloth and using small, circular motions, remove all traces of makeup.

Can you wash a makeup eraser cloth?

The great thing about the cloths is they can be washed. Using regular soap and water, give the makeup eraser a good scrub until traces of makeup are removed and then air dry. Most cloths are also machine washable.