The Best Makeup Organizers

Is your vanity scattered with so many powder brushes, half-empty mascara tubes, and blush containers that you can barely see the top of your dresser? Hey, no shame, but if this image of beauty product chaos sounds familiar, it's time to get organized. Especially if you have an extensive cosmetics collection, investing in a good makeup organizer can save you tons of time when you're getting ready, since you won't have to go sifting through all your products just to find the right one. It can also be fun to sort through all your products and make sure each one has its own special place. For the beauty junkies out there, here are the five best makeup organizers, grouped by category.

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

The creme de la creme

For the makeup-lovers out there, it doesn't get better than the DreamGenius Makeup Organizer.
Best Overall

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For anyone who collects makeup and beauty products like it’s their job, the DreamGenius Makeup Organizer is, well, a dream come true. With adjustable layers and multiple spacious compartments, you can easily fit all your products in this organizer, from perfume bottles to facial serums to brushes, and everything in between. The thick, highly durable trays are sturdy enough to hold even your heaviest bottles, and the 360-degree rotation makes it easy to access what you need. The DreamGenius Makeup Organizer is available in white and purple, and it’s very easy to assemble and clean. You can’t go wrong with that.


  • Fully adjustable layers and multiple sizeable compartments.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Trays are thick and durable enough for heavy products.
  • Comes in white and purple.
  • Assembly is easy as pie.


  • It’s a tad expensive, as far as makeup organizers go.

InnSweet 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer

Access all your products quickly

Thanks to the 360-degree rotation on this InnSweet Rotating Makeup Organizer, you'll have easy access to everything you need.
Best Rotating Organizer

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Having easy access to all your products is key. This is why the InnSweet 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer is so fabulous, with its full, 360-degree rotation. The shelf’s base is nice and sturdy, and it spins smoothly; it also has a decent load-bearing capacity, if you have heavier products that you want to put on here. The multi-level adjustable shelf has four middle trays, and you can adjust each of them to your liking. This organizer is lightweight and portable, and yet it holds a staggering array of products: at least 30 makeup brushes and 20 skincare products, in all.


  • Excellent 360-degree rotation, the base is sturdy and spins smoothly.
  • Has a multi-level adjustable shelf with spacious capacity.
  • Can hold at least 30 makeup brushes and 20 skincare products.
  • Easy to install and clean.


  • It’s definitely on the spacious side, so it might not be the right fit if you’re looking for something more compact.

Stori Bliss 5-Compartment Plastic Organizer


Just because you have a small makeup/beauty product collection doesn't mean you can't get organized; check out this Stori Bliss Organizer.
Best Compact Size

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If you don’t have a ton of products, but you still want some organization in your life, the Stori Bliss Plastic Organizer is a great pick. This small, portable organizer has five clear compartments with pass-through handles and durable plastic walls. And, conveniently, the corners on each compartment are round, so that the organizer fits neatly into virtually any cabinet or drawer. Just big enough for the basics, the Stori Bliss Plastic Organizer is the perfect organizer for the minimalist makeup lover.


  • Small, lightweight, portable.
  • Has five clear plastic compartments that are deep enough to fit all your basic products.
  • Will fit nicely inside any cabinet.


  • It’s definitely small, so it may not be the right size for everyone.

HBlife Clear Makeup Brush Organizer

Makeup brush fiends, take note

Give all your brushes a home with the HBlife Clear Makeup Brush Organizer.
Best for Brushes

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For those who are constantly adding to their makeup brush collection, the HBlife Clear Makeup Brush Organizer is a godsend. Composed of sturdy acrylic material, this organizer can hold brushes of all shapes and sizes, in addition to other products. Also, the sleek, simple design of this organizer adds an element of sophistication and organization to your vanity.


  • Clean, sleek design.
  • Can hold dozens of makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Acrylic material is sturdy, durable, and weather-proof.


  • It would be nice if this came with a lid in case you want to cover your brushes.

DreamGenius 3-Piece Makeup Organizer and Jewelry Display Box

For the gal who has every product imaginable

If your cosmetics collection is huge, then you'll want to invest in an organizer that'll actually hold everything. Enter this organizer from DreamGenius.
Best Large Capacity

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A big makeup collection deserves a big makeup organizer, and the DreamGenius 3-Piece Organizer and Display Box is the right storage unit for the job. With large, removable drawers that stack atop one another, you can easily customize this organizer according to how much room you need. Each drawer is lined with smooth black velvet so that all your products stay in place. And, the drawers slide out smoothly, with molded handles that are easy to grab and pull (no tugging required). All in all, the DreamGenius 3-Piece Organizer and Display Box has 12 lipsticks slots, four various-sized compartments, and four drawers of varying sizes.


  • Truly spacious, with big, removable drawers that neatly stack atop one another and plenty of compartments.
  • The drawers are lined with black velvet, so products look beautiful and also stay in place.
  • Drawers have molded handles and slide out smoothly.


  • We wish this didn’t have the “DreamGenius” logo printed directly on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my first step be when organizing my makeup and beauty products?

We have one word for you: purge. Before you can actually organize your products, you have to get rid of anything that you don’t use, along with any products that may have expired. Try to only keep what you use and need regularly. Paring down your makeup collection will make organizing it that much easier.

What are some things to look for in a good makeup organizer?

Everyone’s personal preferences are different, but in general, it’s nice when a makeup organizer has clear drawers or containers so that you can always see what you’re looking for. Even better if your organizer also has 360-degree rotation.

Do you have any other tips for organizing my makeup?

When in doubt, use labels and dividers to mark everything. And be sure to rotate out any old products, expired, or that you simply don’t wear anymore.