The 5 Best No-Slip Socks

If you're constantly slipping and sliding around on floors, non-slip socks can be a godsend. These types of socks offer premium support and anti-slip protection, and they can even be worn as cushy slippers indoors. Non-slip socks are wonderful for hospital patients and nursing home residents, since they're so effective at preventing skidding and falling, especially on wooden floors. They're also great for those who prefer to wear socks during yoga, Pilates, or other gym workouts. All in all, if you're prone to falling and slipping, a good pair of non-slip socks is a must-have. Here are the five best kinds to get, grouped by category.

Rative Super Grips Anti-Slip Socks

The best of the best

These Rative socks are unparalleled when it comes to comfort and performance.
Best Overall

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Crafted from a combination of spandex, nylon, and cotton, the Rative Super Grips Anti-Slip Socks are designed to help you get a good grip on especially slick surfaces. These quick-drying, high-quality non-slip socks help to reduce the risk of slipping or falling, and they enhance balance while you’re exercising or simply walking around. They also have great arch support, for a more secure, comfier fit. The Rative Super Grips Anti-Slip Socks come in a pack of three, and you have your choice of colors that include black, white, gray, navy, and pink.


  • Made from a super-comfy combo of spandex, nylon, and cotton.
  • They stick like glue to slick surfaces.
  • Great at helping to enhance balance while walking, running, or during exercise.
  • Fantastic arch support.


  • You have to be careful about consulting the sizing chart; these tend to run big.

Pembrook Non-Skid/Slip Socks

Ultra-soft and cozy

These Pembrook socks are luxuriously soft and high-quality.
Best Soft Material

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If you’re curling up on the couch with hot tea and a good book, you’ll definitely want to have the Pembrook Non-Skid/Slip Socks on your feet. These super-soft, plush socks are made from superior-quality chenille material (a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend), so they feel like butter on your feet—they’re the perfect slipper sock, in addition to providing anti-slip protection and maximum traction on every type of surface. The Pembrook Non-Skid/Slip Socks are stretchy, unisex, and available in several different colors.


  • Truly the softest, plushest non-slip socks.
  • Rubber treads help to prevent skids and falls and provide traction on virtually every kind of surface.
  • Stretchy and unisex.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.


  • On the expensive end.

Yoga Addict Non-Slip Socks

Yogis, take note

If you like to get bendy, Yoga Addict Non-Slip Socks are a must-have.
Best for Yoga

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For the yogis out there, there’s no better anti-slip sock than the Yoga Addict Non-Slip Socks. You’ll never have to worry about falling down during Tree Pose or slipping and sliding around while attempting forward folds, ever again, when you wear these tried-and-true non-slip socks. They extend fully from your heel to each of your toes, helping you to achieve greater stability and balance in all your movements. The Yoga Addict Non-Slip Socks are awesome for yoga, ballet, Pilates, or any number of other physical activities; they come in a variety of unisex sizes and different color combos and are machine-washable.


  • The perfect sock for wearing during yoga, Pilates, or any other type of exercise class.
  • Non-slip grip extends fully from your heel to each of your toes.
  • Available in unisex sizes and various colors, and easy to wash and care for.


  • These could stand to have a little more traction on the toes.

LA Active Grip Socks

Great for everyone

The LA Active Non-Slip Socks are perfect for the whole family.
Best Unisex

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If you’re looking for comfy, non-skid socks that the whole family can wear, look no further than LA Active Grip Socks. These extra-strong, extra-sticky socks cover the whole heel and toe, allowing for ultimate traction and support while you move around. The soles are even lined with a luxe cotton blend, so your feet stay cozy and warm on cold nights. And, best of all, these socks are designed for men and women of all sizes and ages. Take your pick from one of several cool colors including slate gray, royal purple, and marled rose; you can also buy these as a set or individually.


  • The ideal unisex non-slip sock. These socks come in a variety of sizes and colors and are designed specifically for both men and women.
  • Super-sticky, offering great traction.
  • Soles are lined with a soft cotton blend, so feet stay warm.


  • These aren’t the best for workouts; they’re more for lounging around the house.

Silvert’s Senior Care Non-Skid Hospital Socks

Supreme comfort at all times

These Silvert's Senior Care socks double as fuzzy slippers.
Best Fuzzy

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Those who prefer their non-slip socks to be more akin to fuzzy slippers will love the Silvert’s Senior Care Non-Skid Socks. They’re made from a silky-soft chenille material, while the rubber treads on the soles are tough and durable, providing traction and support at every step. While these are particularly awesome for those in hospitals and nursing homes, they work well for anyone who wants a great pair of fuzzy, non-skid socks to wear at home. The Silvert’s Senior Care Non-Skid Socks come in a wide array of sizes and colors that include baby pink, lavender, gray, and more.


  • Extra-cozy, fuzzy, and soft, thanks to the premium-grade chenille material.
  • Soles are tough and durable.
  • Come in several cute colors and a wide range of sizes.


  • The ankles could stand to be a little more loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are non-slip socks designed to do?

Unlike regular socks, non-slip socks provide traction for better stability and balance.

Who should wear non-slip socks?

Non-slip socks are great for anyone who moves around a lot, as they help offer a solid grip on the floor. Nursing home residents and hospital patients often wear non-slip socks to prevent sliding and falling.

What kind of fabric is best to look for in non-slip socks?

Non-slip socks come in a variety of fabrics, like cotton, nylon, and spandex; it’s up to you in terms of personal preference, when deciding which fabric is best.