The 5 Best Resistance Bands

Resistance bands certainly aren’t new to the world of health and fitness, but their popularity continues to explode. When they first appeared in 1986, resistance bands were mostly the tools of physical therapists who used the stretchable bands to help increase mobility and flexibility in their older and rehabilitating patients. Today, the right set of resistance bands, used the correct way, can replace a gym membership and transform your body and well-being. They’re also incredibly convenient, allowing you to turn any area of your home into a workout space, or to bring your gym with you if you travel a lot. With all the improvements made in the last forty years, it’s hard to tell which set may be right for you. So, we put on our spandex and leg warmers, grabbed our clipboards and went to work. Here are the best 5 resistance bands on the market today.

Tribe Fitness Premium Resistance Bands

A Fitness Quest Called Tribe

With a wide variety of resistance weight and an “anti-snap” promise, Tribe Fitness Resistance Bands are an excellent deal.
Best Overall

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The Tribe Resistance Band set comes with five color-coded resistance bands, two ankle straps, two comfortable handles, one sturdy door anchor and a waterproof carrying bag, providing you with a complete package for your workout. Each band is 48-inches long and stackable, giving you the widest variety of weight combinations up to a maximum of 105 pounds. Best of all, the bands are constructed from 100% natural latex and thick, high-grade silicon, ensuring they won’t snap during use. Simple to put together and mimicking the machine exercises you find in most gyms, these bands are for both beginners and athletes alike.


  • Includes link to exercise eBook
  • Designed to work every part of your body
  • Works with or without a door


  • Small clips on bands
  • Handles designed for smaller hands

Potok Resistance Band Set

Resistance Isn’t Futile

Potok Bands provide the perfect range of motion and resistance for physical therapy exercises or just working out at home.
Best Elastic

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If you’ve ever gone through a physical therapy regimen or perhaps do at-home pilates, then you’re familiar with these flexible, nylon resistance bands. The system is simple: it includes three color-coded bands offering weight resistance of fifteen, twenty and twenty-five pounds. There are no handles, grips, clips or door mounts: you simply wrap the ends of the band around your hand and start your workout. The bands are “stackable” if you want to add more resistance, and can tie onto door knobs for stability if you prefer. Best of all, they’re easy to take on the go for group yoga sessions, pilates or simply to have a great workout if you travel a lot. Your purchase comes with an eBook with stretch-band exercises to get you started.


  • Extra-long bands provide versatility
  • No unpleasant latex smell
  • Recommended by physiotherapists


  • Too long for some, too short for others
  • Best for shorter range-of-motion

Coobons Fitness Resistance Bands

Coobons For Buns

For people looking to tone legs and glutes, Coobons Fitness Resistance Bands provide an excellent solution.
Best Leg Bands

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Some resistance bands are designed for more specific workouts. Such is the case with Coobons’ “Booty Bands,” a set of three ultra-strong bands providing various resistance from 15 to 60 pounds. The bands are constructed from a patented, stretchable fabric – not a latex or polyurethane material – so it’s 3X more durable than other elastic resistance bands. This material, combined with the unique, wide design of the bands, also means there’s less pinching or sliding than you have with elastic bands, which is particularly important for resistance workout for your legs. Each 3-band package comes with a handy backpack, making Coobons’ Resistance Bands easy to take with you anywhere.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Reinforced and double-stitched


  • Not suitable for upper-body workouts
  • Not size-adjustable

4EverShape Pull Up Assist Bands

Your 4Ever Workout Partner

4EverShape provides the best of both worlds by combining the versatility of cable resistance with the flexibility of elastic bands.
Best Combo Bands

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4EverShape Pull Up Assist Bands will assist you with a lot more than pull-ups. It’s a complete resistance band training set, which includes 4 bands, 2 hand grips, 2 carabiners, and a reinforced door bracket. There are two big differences between 4EverShape and other systems. First, the extra-heavy resistance bands are constructed with 15 continuous layers of latex that are 1.5 inches wide, creating resistance capacities up to 125 pounds without snapping. Secondly, the thick, metal carabiners attach directly to the bands, giving you the option to secure your bands without the use of a door. At 41 inches long, they’re also big enough for free-form exercises that work both the upper and lower body.


  • 12-month money back or replacement guarantee
  • Includes workout guide
  • Comfortable hand grips


  • Smells like latex
  • Not a compact system

Mokoss Resistance Bands

When Size Matters

For tall people or long leg workouts, Mokoss Resistance Bands provide both length and durability.
Best Long Bands

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Tall people need to work out, too. That’s why Mokoss Resistance Bands are five feet long by a half-foot wide. These bands don’t come with bells and whistles: in fact, they came with nothing except the band itself (unless you order the three-band pack). But if you’re tired of using short elastic resistance bands that don’t give you the range of motion you need, this is your solution. Made from 100% natural latex and available in four different, color-coded resistance strengths, these are perfect for yoga, pilates, strength training or physical therapy, with a special emphasis on rehab for foot or leg injuries.


  • Double-up for extra resistance
  • Easy storage
  • Available in a 3-band pack


  • Band gets sticky if left in package
  • High resistance weight pinches hands

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I should get the clip-on “cable” style of resistance bands or the elastic kind?

People who are making the conversion to resistance bands after having a long-term gym membership seem to prefer the clip-on, cable style band. The grip of these bands uses the same kind of handle as most machine weights in gyms, so the transition just feels more familiar. It’s also easier to stack weight with cables, as you can apply more resistance to a single handle. Those who’ve been through physical therapy or don’t want to attach a system to a door might prefer elastic-style bands. They’re also lighter weight, more compact and therefore easier to carry.

Do you really get the same workout with resistance bands as you do with free weights or weight machines?

In short, yes. Whether you practice long reps with light weight or short reps with heavy weight, there’s not too much difference between using a resistance band as opposed to free weights. The only caveat here is that you must be using enough weight to create the necessary resistance for your muscles. In other words, if your biceps need 20 pounds for a proper workout, you won’t be getting the weight you need with a ten-pound resistance band.

I don’t go to the gym but I want to get in shape. Can I start my program with resistance bands? Will it be as effective as the gym?

Yes and yes! Not only can you get the same great workout with resistance bands, but you can also get the kind of free instruction you won’t find at the gym. There are a variety of excellent training videos on YouTube that you can watch at home to learn how to optimize your resistance band workout, so you don’t have to feel all self-conscious getting started with your fitness routine in a public place.