The Best Rose Water Toners

It balances the skin’s pH. It’s a makeup setting spray. It makes hair look shinier. Rose water toner does all of the above. If there was every a wonder product, it would have to be this item. Made from distilled roses, there are so many benefits to a single bottle of rose water toner. From sensitive skin to acne-prone, a dry scalp or dull strands, pretty much anyone can benefit from rose water.

Leven Rose Rose Water Facial Toner

All around winner

Hydrate from head to toe with this lightweight toner.
Best Overall

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Leven Rose’s rose water toner tops the list as a product that can be used from head to toe, literally. The lightweight toners can be used on the face and body to balance the skin’s pH, restore moisture, and even combat dark spots. The natural scent of roses smells amazing and the spray bottle top makes it easy to even apply the product to your hair as a part of your conditioner or a hair mask.


  • Comes with a useful mister
  • Alcohol free
  • Can be used morning and night


  • The natural smell can be overpowering for sensitive noses

Alteya Organics USDA Organic Rose Water

Quality beauty

There’s just one simple, certified organic ingredient to nourish skin, no long list of harmful products.
Best Organic Ingredients

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Some products claim to be organic but they’re not 100 percent or aren’t USDA certified. Alteya Organics rose water is certified and contains just one natural ingredient. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties work well for irritated or inflamed skin or for someone who just wants something soothing after washing their face.


  • Doesn’t have the overpowering rose smell
  • It’s food grade and can even be used in beverages or cooking


  • The price point is a bit expensive

Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray

Gentle, but effective

This toner is packed with amazing skin nourishing ingredients for even the most sensitive skin.
Best for Sensitive Skin

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People with sensitive skin know that even supposedly gentle products can prove to be problematic and lead to breakouts or allergic reactions. Mario Badescu’s facial spray has the addition to aloe to soothe even the most sensitive skin. Other ingredients include gardenia and bladderwrack to soften skin and give a natural glow.


  • Can be used as a makeup setting spray
  • Best for sensitive and even acne-prone skin


  • Contains fragrance
  • The cap can easily get clogged

Simplified Skin Rose Water for Face and Hair

All star beauty

Ditch the tons of products. This one toner can benefit every part of your body.
Best Multipurpose Toner

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A single product that can work for a variety of uses isn’t just convenient, but it can even save you money, instead of cluttering your counter with a slew of items. Simplified Skin’s rose water can be used on the skin, hair, and even the scalp. As a skin refresher, it balances pH, especially after using any harsh cleansers. And for the hair, it can help control dandruff. It truly is that one product that will get tons of use. Also, no need to worry about artificial fragrances.


  • USDA certified organic
  • Can make hair look shinier and healthier


  • The liquid can come out as a heavy stream, versus an even spray

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

Bang for your buck

A little of this toner goes a long way and can benefit oily or acne-prone skin.
Best on a Budget

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Thayers is pretty well known for their witch hazel and this toner takes that up one notch with the inclusion of rose water. The pore tightening benefits of witch hazel can leave skin dry, but the addition of rose water, and even aloe, helps to combat some of that. This massive 12 ounce bottle is extremely affordable for any beauty budget.


  • A little product goes a long way
  • Oily or acne-prone skin can benefit from this toner


  • Not great for sensitive or overly dry skin
  • Doesn’t come with a spray bottle attachment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rose water toner made with real roses?

If a rose water contains quality and organic ingredients, then it absolutely has real roses. The roses are distilled and that creates the hair and skin nourishing rose water.

How do you use rose water?

Organic rose water can be used as a toner on the face or even a setting spray for makeup. It can also be sprayed on the body as a refresher or used on the hair to combat dandruff or make strands look shinier.