The Best Safety Razors

Even with the advent of disposable razors, safety razors continue to be used around the world. There are many reasons why so many people still prefer to wield these reusable metal shaving tools. For one, a safety razor provides a much less irritating shave when compared to the multi-bladed monstrosities that people rake across their faces. An elegant, single blade gives the user far greater control over their body hair and can even provide a closer shave. Since the sake of your skin is on the line, you're going to want the best safety razor. That's why we've scoured the market for the best options out there and come up with a list of our favorites.

Vikings Blade The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

A blade fit for a king

The Chieftain safety razor from Vikings Blade is the best we found, for its affordability, great feel, and smooth operation.
Best Overall

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While we aren’t entirely sure what “Neutrally Aggressive” means, we are certain that this safety razor from Vikings Blade is the best option we’ve come across. Ideal for those that suffer from sensitive skin, this double-edged razor sports small combs to avoid cutting the skin. With a hefty weight and stylish grooves, the handle will never slip from your hand as you perform your morning routine. Best of all, it comes with a complimentary pack of Swedish mild blades and a classy leather case, so you’ll be all set to shave right out of the box. With The Chieftain, Vikings Blade upholds their reputation for high quality control and consistent reliability.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to swap out blades
  • Eco-friendly packaging


  • Short handle not ideal for extra large hands

Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor

Shave and Save

This pick from Weishi has all the best features that we look for in a safety razor, without costing an arm and a leg.
Best on a Budget

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For those looking for a safety razor that will deliver a smooth, close shave without breaking the bank, look no further. When it comes to safety razors, the general rule of thumb is to let the weight of the blade do the work. In other words, instead of applying pressure, your best bet is to let the blade drop across your skin. That’s why cheaper options are usually a red flag because their low price tag comes at the cost of weight and balance. However, the Weishi Nostalgic Safety Razor defies all conventions. This high-performance pick is a heavy, 74-gram razor with a shockingly low price tag. It also features the “butterfly open”, which makes swapping out blades a breeze. It might not have the look and design of higher-end models, but Weishi’s Nostalgic Safety Razor is a quality razor that will save you money.


  • Includes five blades
  • Easy-to-grip handle


  • Learning curve to use

Feather Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2

A premium shave for a premium price

A favorite among barbers and enthusiasts that prefer safety razors, this expensive option from Feather will be the last razor you ever buy.
Best Professional

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Yes, the price is high. True, the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. However, the AS-D2 from Feather is designed to last a lifetime. Thus, in a couple of years, you’ll probably save more money than you’ll spend. This premium pick is the gold-standard for safety razors, sporting a high-precision steel design that eliminates the tiny gaps in the head, eliminating the potential nicks, scratches, and cuts. It features a mild profile for sensitive-skinned people, but can still deliver a fast, complete shave in one stroke. Plus, the handle is perfectly balanced and has the best slip-free grip we’ve come across. Since it’s the last razor you’ll ever buy, you might as well enjoy the best shaving tool that money can buy.


  • Balanced weight of 90 grams
  • Includes five steel Feather blades
  • Stylish storage box


  • Expensive, but can save you money in the long run

Vikings Blade The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor (Gentle & Mild)

An offer you can't refuse

With its smooth combs, forgiving blade profile, and easy-to-grip handle, this option from Vikings Blade wins our top pick for those new to the safety razor game.
Best for Beginners

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Yet again, Vikings Blade has made it onto our list with their high standards for quality and usability. The Godfather is the cousin to the aforementioned Chieftain, featuring a gentler, safer design. The Godfather’s combs have a smooth chrome coating, meaning they won’t rake your skin while you learn the technique. Even the shape of the head is designed for a safer shave, with a forgiving blade profile that lets you choose the angle of the shave. Plus, it comes with five mild blades that are just the right balance between sharpness and hardness. Of course, there’s still some technique to master when it comes to safety razors. That being said, this option from Vikings Blade is our top choice for beginners. Heck, it’s a great choice for experts, too.


  • Affordable price
  • Trusted company
  •  Includes extra blades and carrying box


  • Head can be over-tightened and break

Merker Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Too close or too long? No problem

Ideal for those looking for greater control over their shave, this option from Merkur sports an adjustable dial for fine-tuning the gap between blade and head.
Best Adjustable

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You don’t need to be a mechanical engineer to desire high precision in your morning routine. Perfect for those that don’t want to shop around to find the right size, this option from Merker features an adjustable handle that can fine-tune the gap between the blade and head. With a sleek design and precise craftsmanship, this safety razor gives you greater control over your shave. The dialed head has notches and numbers so you can remember your preferred settings. We also love the flat comb, which, unlike teethed combs, eliminates the possibility of raking your skin. With a little trial-and-error, you might even find the perfect setting and achieve the closest, smoothest shave ever accomplished by mortal men. Just remember the aftershave.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Includes one high-precision blade
  • Balanced weight and feel


  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons to switch to a safety razor?

Compared to disposable and multi-bladed razors, safety razors are often the top choice for people that are looking to save money. The blades are cheap and don’t need to be replaced very frequently while the razor handle can last a lifetime. With the low price of safety razors, those that used disposable razors in the past usually start saving money within a couple of months after making the switch. They also save the environment by reducing the plastic waste that ends up in landfills.

Safety razors also afford a greater control over your shave. Many people that suffer from sensitive skin or razor burn may find relief in the precision of a safety razor. With only one blade, your skin won’t become raw or irritated from multiple blades passing over the hair follicles. Of course, there is a learning curve involved with safety razors. Figuring out the right angle and the correct routine for your face will take some patience and practice, but it’s generally a good idea to shave after a shower and with some pre-shave oil. Unlike many disposable options, safety razors don’t feature a lubricating strip, so proper technique is essential for a smooth shave.

What is the proper technique for shaving with a safety razor?

We recommend shaving right after you get out of the shower to open your pores and ensure that your facial hair is soft. With a pre-shave oil or shaving cream applied evenly across your face, you’re ready for grooming. Start by gripping the handle at its base, to ensure that you don’t apply any unnecessary pressure. The weight of the razor should be sufficient to shave the hair. Let the razor move in the direction of the grain, and make sure that the angle is somewhere between 30 and 45 degrees. A 90-degree angle will slice your face while a 0-degree angle won’t grab the hair. It will take some time to get the hang of it, so you can always practice on your leg or arm hair.