The Best Suspenders

What was once an accessory invented purely out of necessity is now one of the hippest fashions for men. Invented in 1820 by British designer Albert Thurston, suspenders were created for the high-waisted pants that were fashionable at the time. In fact, the pants were worn so high up that belts were impossible to wear with them. Today, suspenders come in two types: clip-on — which uses small, metal clips to attach the front and back directly to the pant — and button-on. In addition, there are two suspender shapes: Y-back and X-back. Which is best for you? That’s where we come in. We surveyed the market to find out what's what in the world of suspenders, so now let us present to you our findings. Here are some of the best suspenders on the market today.

Dickies Straight-Clip X-Back Suspender

Cream of the crop

Combining best-in-class functionality with quality craftsmanship and style, these suspenders cover all the bases.
Best Overall

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If you understand that style means nothing if it’s not practical, too, you’re likely already familiar with Dickies. Since the company’s inception selling bib overalls in the 1920s, the brand has become synonymous with blue-collar durability and has evolved to include cutting-edge elements of style. This straight-clip suspender employs an X-back design with a rugged J-clip enclosure that grips firmly to all types of trousers without accidental unbuckling. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester and elastic, the straps stretch to fit and hold without looking like you’re wearing bungee cords to keep your pants up. In fact, the distinctive Dickies design is suitable for both work and formal wear. Best of all, they’re fully adjustable, so tall men can feel just as comfortable with them.


  • Leather patch at X-joint provides strength
  • Hand-washable
  • Available in six colors


  • Max size 42-waist
  • Teeth on clips could damage soft pants

Fasker Adjustable Suspenders X-Back

Y settle for less?

If you're on the fence about suspenders, let this pair win you over.
Runner Up

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If you typically wear belts but are considering making the switch, this pick from Fasker is a tempting choice. Well-made, functional, and most importantly, inexpensive, these suspenders offer you a chance to give the suspender life a try without having to invest too much money. Designed with an X-back shape with quick-release clips that make it simple to take them off when you need to use the bathroom, these suspenders make the transition from belts to suspenders smooth as can be.


  • A great gift for a suspender-wearing father
  • Quite cost-effective
  • Quick-release clips


  • Not ideal for tall men

Navisima Y-Back Adjustable Suspenders

Takes the suspense out of suspenders

Equipped with sturdy metal clips that won't give at the slightest hint of pressure, these are suspenders that you can count on.
Best Clips

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Made from pure woven polyester and equipped with sturdy metal clips, this is a pair that’ll take the hassle out of wearing suspenders. Anyone who has worn suspenders knows the frustration that comes along with suspender clips that open at the slightest hint of pressure. It can be as easy as getting your clip caught on something tiny for the latch to release and the suspenders to come undone. With these clips, that kind of tragedy is much less likely to occur.


  • Available in packs of six or twelve as well
  • Have some give without losing their shape
  • Huge color variety to choose from


  • In general, not the most comfortable

Luther Pike Seattle Y-Back Suspenders

Here comes mister fancy pants

These suspenders are affordable, well-priced, and available in a few snazzy colorways.
Best Colors

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If you’re looking to class up your outfit in one fell swoop, few pieces can achieve that better than these suspenders from Luther Pike Seattle. Offered in a variety of colorways that are versatile enough to impress everyone from your grandparents to your date, there’s something here for everyone. We love that the simple, understated design makes it easy to match to your outfit, even with the flashier color options.


  • Suited for all types of contexts, from professional to casual
  • Nice enough for evening wear
  • Excellent price considering the quality


  • Length may be a bit uneven in the front

Timiot Y-Back Elastic Suspenders

Let's keep things casual

The loud, showy colors offered in this selection and the comfort of these suspenders make them ideal for casual, everyday wear.
Best For Casual Wear

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Versatile enough for anything from everyday wear to costume party attire, these suspenders are bold enough to make a statement. Whether you want to play it safe with a neutral color or opt for something more extravagant like orange, there’s something here for everyone. The flexible elastic moves with your body, too, so you can go about your normal activities without feeling restricted.


  • Wide selection of flashy colors
  • One-size-fits-most design
  • Fashionable Y-back configuration


  • Hardware isn’t of the highest quality

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a plus-sized gentleman. Which style of suspender is best for me?

Comfort is always the foremost consideration with suspenders. They have to feel natural across your shoulders and not restrict your movements. With that in mind, the X-back suspender is designed for the maximum amount of support. With two straps in the back instead of one, your pants will have a more “balanced” look on the right and left sides without adding pull against the crotch. You’ll also want to consider elastic straps instead of leather or some other non-stretching material. Finally, bear in mind that the size of suspenders is based on height, so if your belly is large, you’ll need to take the added girth into consideration when choosing your size.

Is it considered acceptable to wear suspenders with a vest? If so, do the suspenders go on top or underneath the vest?

Most experts agree (and yes, there are vest and suspender experts) that suspenders go under the vest when you’re going for a formal look. If you’re looking for a more casual appearance, you can wear your suspenders over your vest. That said, the V-cut at the bottom of a vest is “framed” to show your belt buckle, so keep that in mind before considering the vest/suspenders combo.