The Best Women’s Headbands

Headbands are a wonderful accessory. They keep your hair out of your face, soak up sweat, and make great fashion pieces. There are so many different styles, sizes, and options. There is no shortage of choices. You can pick a nice floral print with a bow for a cute look, or a solid-colored cotton band for your workout. The options are endless. Here are the best 5 headbands to get you started.

DASUTA Athletic Moisture Wicking Headbands

Chic and Practical

When you want to look good while working out, these are the headbands for you.
Top Pick

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The DASUTA Athletic Moisture Wicking Headbands are not only super absorbent, but they are also very soft and stretchy. You don’t have to worry about not finding the right fit with these headbands. In addition to being super stretchy and moisture-wicking, these great headbands come in a ton of colors so you can easily match any outfit.

We love the fact that these headbands are made using eco-friendly fabrics. The Chinlon will absorb moisture with ease and the Lycra is what makes these headbands fit perfectly every time. Check out these pros and cons so you can decide if these are the headbands for you.


  • This set comes with 10 headbands of varying colors
  • These are very soft and comfortable to wear
  • They are stretchy enough to fit anyone’s head
  • Sweat is absorbed quickly
  • The fabric feels smooth and prevents frizz


  • These headbands can become stretched out over time
  • They move around

Toes Home Outdoor Magic Headband

Stretchy, Seamless, and Oh So Sleek

The stretchy and seamless design of these headbands will allow you to use them in multiple ways.
Most Versatile

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Do you like to buy products that have multiple uses? Do you love lots of patterns and fun colors? If your answer was yes to either, or both, of those then you need to try Toes Home Outdoor Magic Headbands. They come in a ton of different colors and styles. Each one is completely seamless and easy to care for. They can be used as headbands, scarves, face protection, and so much more.

The Outdoor Magic Headbands are super fun and extremely versatile. You will never find another headband that can do so much. Meanwhile, they are very stretchy and comfortable. Moisture will be wicked right away from your skin, and you can use it to block the sun, wind, or cold. It does it all. Here are some pros and cons to this headband.


  • It is seamless and comfortable
  • The fabric is both soft and extremely stretchy
  • There are a ton of fun colors and designs
  • These headbands are multi-purpose
  • They are both durable and easy to care for


  • They are larger than most headbands
  • They slide around a little on people with shorter hair

Habibee Headbands

Simple and Cute

Solid colors and a simple design allow these headbands to be worn for any occasion.
Most Casual

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If you are searching for solid colored headbands that are cute, affordable, and simple then you found the right ones. Habibee Headbands are tied up in front so you can sport the adorable little bow. They are stretchy and fit everyone. These are great for casual get-togethers, shopping, hanging out with friends, and any other occasion where you want to appear casual and comfortable while keeping your hair out of your face.

You get 8 headbands when you choose Habibee Headbands, and each one is a different color. That allows you to have one for each outfit, no matter what color you choose for the day. You can’t go wrong with them. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Solid colors are easy to coordinate
  • You get 8 different color choices with one order
  • They are stretchy
  • These are super cute, and the bow adds an extra layer of style
  • These are made primarily from cotton which is comfortable and soft


  • These aren’t appropriate for formal occasions
  • If you like patterns and prints these aren’t for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people wear headbands?

People usually wear headbands to either absorb sweat while they are being active or to add to their outfit. However, other reasons include keeping your hair out of your face, keeping the sun or rain off of your hair, or even to cover up a bad hair day.

How do I care for my headbands?

Each manufacturer has their own care instructions. In general, it is safe to handwash your headbands and lay them to dry.

What type of headband should I buy?

The type of headband you buy will be based on what you plan to do with it. If you are very outdoorsy and go out in nature often, you may want one like the Outdoor Magic Headband that can serve many purposes. If you focus on fashion, you should pick one that fits comfortably and looks great.