The Best Yarn Ball Winders

It can be frustrating to have tons of pretty yarn and no way to organize it. Meanwhile, it can be even more frustrating to get halfway through a skein while crocheting or knitting only to find that there is a knot or separation in your yarn. You can take care of both of these issues simply by winding your yarn into cakes and balls in advance. We make it easy with this list of the best yarn ball winders.

BarvA Large Yarn Spinning Stand and Holder

Make life simple

Wind your yarn into a ball and then keep it stored on this handy stand.
Best Overall

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This very simple yet very versatile yarn winder works wonders. The BarvA Large Yarn Spinning Stand and Holder works to turn any skein into a ball of yarn. Also, it will hold the yarn steady while you work. It makes it super easy to switch between colors or work on multiple projects. If you love simplicity but hate to give up the ability to multitask, this is the yarn ball winder for you.


  • There are two pegs provided
  • Roll up to one whole pound of yarn per peg
  • It is very affordable


  • You need to turn the yarn onto the pegs manually
  • It has no way of attaching to the table or desk surface

ChiaoGoo 1098 Amish Design Wooden Yarn Swift

The sanity-saver

This is an adjustable and easy-to-use yarn swift to keep your expensive fibers in line.
Best Yarn Swift

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The ChiaoGoo 1098 Amish Design Wooden Yarn Swift is designed to hold hanks of yarn in place while you wind the yarn into balls. This can be done with any type of yarn winder or even your hands. The swift keeps the yarn from tangling or breaking during the process. Although the swift does not wind the yarn for you, it is an integral part of the process.


  • Holds your expensive hanks in place
  • The pegs are completely adjustable
  • No tools are needed for assembly
  • It spins smoothly without catching or grinding
  • You can use it to hold your yarn as you crochet or knit


  • It’s pricey
  • This tool doesn’t wind the yarn for you on its own

Knitter’s Pride Center Pull Yarn Ball Winder

Simple and affordable

Save money while getting perfect yarn balls every time.
Best On A Budget

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If you are on the hunt for an extremely affordable and easy-to-use yarn ball winder, look no further. The Knitter’s Pride Center Pull Yarn Ball Winder is exactly what you need. This yarn winder looks like a simple stick, but there is more to it than you realize. The notch at the end holds the end of your yarn, and its tapered design makes it easy to remove your finished yarn cake.


  • It is very simple and easy to use
  • The notch at the ends keeps the end out of the cake so you can easily pull from the center of the finished product
  • A slight taper makes it easy to remove
  • The wood is thick and sturdy, which makes it very durable


  • It is a completely manual tool
  • Sometimes, the end of the yarn may slip from the notch if it isn’t secure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hank of yarn?

A hank of yarn is what you call the large loop of yarn. It is what you usually get when you buy natural fibers and custom yarns. Once opened up, it looks like a big ring with many layers of yarn and it is easily tangled.

What is a skein?

A skein is the form most yarns come in, especially among acrylic yarns. It is already wound into longer pieces with a center-pull.

Why do I want my yarn wound into cakes?

Yarn cakes are balls of yarn where the top and bottom are flat. Winding your yarn into cakes can accomplish three things. First, it makes it easier to crochet or knit. Second, you would have already gone through all the yarn to wind it, so you would know if there are knots or breaks in the yarn somewhere. Third, it makes it easier to store the yarn for future projects.