The Best 5 Beauty Blenders

Using your fingertips to apply foundation or concealer is old news. If you want to truly achieve flawless coverage and a pristine complexion, a beauty blender is a must-have. Better than an Instagram filter, a beauty blender is an awesome tool to have on hand for those days when you want supermodel skin (and who doesn't want that?) Beauty blenders help to blend out foundation, touch up concealer, and contour your cheeks, all with a natural-looking finish. You can even use your handy little sponge to swirl blush onto your cheeks and apply eye shadow. Seriously, beauty blenders are the true secret to perfect makeup and airbrushed skin. Of course, not all makeup blending sponges are created equal. Here, we've rounded up our five faves of the moment.

Beautyblender Original

This OG blender is still the best

The original Beautyblender makes your skin look like a newborn's. Yes, really.
Best Overall

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There’s just no competing with the queen of beauty blenders: the Beautyblender herself. This widely beloved makeup tool is a cult classic for a reason: It’s so good at blending foundation into the skin that you won’t look like you’re wearing a stitch of makeup. It makes contouring a total breeze, and your concealer will look seriously natural. The egg shape is ideal for blending makeup both on larger and smaller areas, too. There’s no doubt about it; when it comes to life-changing makeup sponges, the Beautyblender reigns supreme.


  • The open-cell structure fills with small amounts of water when wet, which allows the sponge to be “full” so that the makeup sits on top of the sponge (rather than being absorbed); this allows you to use less product each time you use the Beautyblender.
  • The unique shape and quality material ensure totally flawless-looking makeup application.


  • It’s the priciest sponge of the bunch, by far.

BEAKEY Makeup Sponge

Because beauty doesn't have to be costly

For the budget-conscious shopper, this BEAKEY makeup sponge works like a charm, making it an awesome value find.
Best Value

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Shopping on a budget? The BEAKEY Makeup Sponge is an affordable alternative if you’d prefer not to shell out the big bucks for a high-dollar beauty blender. The edge-less design of the BEAKEY blender is great for maximum coverage, and the pointed end helps get into hard-to-reach places like the corners of the mouth, nose, and eyes.


  • Works well with virtually all cosmetics, from foundation and BB cream to tinted moisturizer and concealer.
  • Excellent value.


  • You’ll definitely need to clean this blender after each use, to help make it last longer and keep your skin clean.  (It tends to wear a tiny bit faster than other blenders.)

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Well-known in beauty circles as the Beautyblender dupe, the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Technique works beautifully. It has a flat side, making it the perfect tool for baking and contouring; you can either use it damp, to create a dewy glow, or use it dry for fuller coverage. Also, the precision tip is awesome at covering blemishes and other small imperfections. The Miracle Complexion Sponge is one product that truly lives up to its name.


  • Comes in a set of four sponges.
  • The shape and material make it super-easy to blend all types of makeup.
  • Particularly good for building coverage.


  • Gotta be careful when washing; if you scrub this sponge too hard, it can easily disintegrate.

Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender

No animal harm necessary

This Aesthetica beauty sponge is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free.
Best Cruelty-Free

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Crafted from non-latex foam that’s 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, the Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender is the perfect beauty tool for those who prefer to shop with animal welfare in mind. It can be used with all types of foundation, primer, cream blush, and powder, as well as other makeup products. Simply dab and blend your makeup across your face, and then bask in your glowing, perfect skin.


  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Makeup sits on top of the sponge (doesn’t absorb), so it glides on nicely.


  • It can be tough to wash out all the product from this sponge after using it.

Real Techniques Mini MC Beauty Sponge

Small in size, big in quality

Adorably tiny and effective, the Real Techniques Mini MC Beauty Sponge is your new mini-pal.
Best Mini

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Need to touch up your makeup on the go? It helps to carry around the Mini MC Beauty Sponge from Real Techniques, to keep your skin looking smooth, creamy, and even-toned.  Featuring four mini-sponges, this blender set is professional-quality, truly. The rounded sides of each sponge blend larger areas of the face, while the tip expertly covers blemishes, and the flat side is best for contouring around the nose and eyes. It’s a fabulous, portable little tool that does an excellent job of patting and blending makeup into the skin.


  • The adorable size.
  • The quality of the material.
  • Small but precise: This mini-tool is awesome at building coverage,


  • Be careful to use just the flat-sided part for foundation application; this is the key to smooth, flawless-looking makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my beauty blender?

This one’s important. If you don’t get the application technique right, you could risk having smudged or cakey-looking makeup. To use your beauty blender correctly, run it under the faucet until it’s fully soaked, and then squeeze it out. You want it to be damp, but not sopping wet. Then, rather than swiping or dragging the blender across your face when applying your makeup (please, don’t do this), you’ll want to tap, tap, tap it over the skin. Et voila: That’s all it takes to get the smooth, glowy, pretty skin of your dreams.