The Best 5 Water Flossers

For those put off by remembering to floss daily, unable to physically floss, or looking for a simpler solution to protect the gums, a water flosser is the quickly up and coming solution. Specifically designed to comfortably treat your gums and teeth to a blast of plaque-removing water, these devices can be a particularly perfect solution for anyone with braces, implants, or other sensitive gum issues. But not all water flossers are quite the same. Here are five picks for the best water flossers that will stand the test of time.

Waterpik Water Flosser

ADA-approved flosser that works like a dream

This top-of-the-line flosser is the only commercial option approved by the American Dental Association. And with its high level of quality and great features, it's not hard to see why it's a top pick.
Best Overall

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This compact and highly-effective device has been proven to quickly and painlessly remove 99.9% of plaque, and is especially beneficial for braces, implants, and other dental anomalies, though it’s an amazing option for anyone who wants an easier flossing solution. Used just one minute a day, this flosser is guaranteed to provide healthier gums and a brighter smile. This device has enough water capacity to require no refilling, and it comes with seven different tips. This means it can be used by several people by swapping out the replaceable tips, and that there are tip options for different needs (toothbrush, plaque-seeking, orthodontic, etc).


  • Seven different tips for more variety of use
  • No need to refill
  • ADA Seal of Acceptance
  • Reservoir is dishwasher safe
  • Timer included


  • Higher price option
  • Louder device
  • Large base takes up more counter space

Nicefeel Cordless Water Flosser

A great budget option with several modes

This versatile tool is a great affordable option and has three unique cleansing modes for a more customizable experience.
Affordable Pick

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This sleek option provides space-saving benefits, as it’s rechargeable and thus has a smaller body and no large, standing reservoir. As with most water flossers, the Nicefeel device is great for those with braces, implants, and orthodontic appliances. However, this one comes with an added level of versatility, with three cleansing mode options: normal, soft (for more sensitive gums), and pulse (for deeper penetration).

Lack of continuous charge can be a concern for some, but with 4 hours of charging, the flosser will hold a charge for up to 20 days of use. Simply plug it in during the day every so often and you’ll have no problem using it every night. This device also comes with multiple tips, making it a good option for several members of the family to share. And for convenience sake, it even comes with a carrying bag, ideal for packing for a trip.


  • Versatility with three cleansing modes
  • Holds charge well
  • Multiple tips
  • More portable and space-efficient
  • Budget-friendly


  • Pulse setting may be too powerful for sensitive gums
  • May not last as long as higher priced models

iTeknic Water Flosser

Highly powerful with plenty of tips

This larger and more personalized device does it all--plenty of multi-purpose tips, 10 pressure settings, and reliable water flow.
Best for the Family

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This larger water flossing system boasts an impressive range of customization options. Choose between 10 pressure settings, for those with very sensitive gums to those who want high pressure to deeply clean out their mouth. Plus, a variety of tips make it easier to share with a partner or family, and even just to further customize the experience. Not only are three standard tips included, but the flosser also provides a tongue cleaner, dental plaque tip, orthodontic tip, and periodontal tip, to suit every possible mouth. The head features a 360° rotation nozzle for optimal reach to every corner of the mouth, and promises 99% plaque removal for vastly healthier gums and teeth.


  • 10 pressure options
  • Very versatile tips
  • Large water capacity
  • Continuously charging, always ready
  • FDA approved


  • Larger system
  • Won’t last as long as a higher priced device

MOSPRO Cordless Water Flosser

A smaller, rechargable option with no less power

This cordless water flosser, like many of the others, also features multiple settings, as well as a solid battery life and convenient size.
Space-Efficient Choice

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Another rechargeable device, this one falls into the smaller size category, and is a great pick for those who want an affordable flosser that doesn’t take up as much counter space. The water tank is fully detachable for ease of cleaning, and when fully charged, this flosser will run for 7-10 days before needing a recharge. Like some other water flossers, it has 3 pressure settings: normal, gentle, and pulse. Pulse is a more intense stream and may be too hard on sensitive gums, making the normal and gentle settings a great alternative. It also comes with 2 replaceable nozzles and is a great size for taking on the road.


  • More portable
  • Great price
  • 3 pressure modes
  • Space-efficient


  • Less long-lasting
  • Has to be recharged approximately weekly

HANASCO Cordless Water Flosser

A lightweight flosser with unique design

A budget-conscious choice perfect for travelers or those low on space.
Best for Travel

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This rechargeable cordless flosser has a sleek design and, like many, comes with several replaceable tips (for use by multiple people or to swap out when one is worn down). It’s the most lightweight option on this list, and a great choice for those who are often traveling and want to bring their flosser along. It features a patented ergonomic grip, for an easy and comfortable user experience. Again, this flosser has 3 setting levels; however, it sets itself apart by allowing you to save your setting preference via its Memory Function. And for a rechargeable device, this one has a great charge capacity, working for up to 30 days with one 4-hour charge.


  • Greater charge capacity
  • 4 replaceable tips
  • Saves your setting preference
  • Great affordable price


  • Less durable
  • Low water capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a water flosser safe for sensitive teeth and gums?

Yes! In  fact, that’s one of its primary uses. A water flosser cleans away food and plaque more carefully than other tools or floss may, and is a great option for those with sensitivity, as well as those with braces, orthodontic devices, or periodontitis.

How long will the flosser stay charged?

That depends on the flosser you choose! Some larger devices stay continuously plugged in and will never lose a charge. Rechargeable, cordless options vary in their battery life and can last anywhere from 7-30+ days on one charge.

Can I use one flosser for my whole family?

Potentially. Most water flossers come with multiple detachable tips. In this case, you could choose to assign a tip to each person for them to use exclusively, and then wash the device between each person’s use. Before purchasing, ensure that your chosen flosser comes with enough tips if you want to share with other members of your household.