The Best Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is a wardrobe item that every man and woman should own regardless of age or personal style. Once the uniform of ballplayers, the baseball cap has since become an athleisure must-have. From the most prominent designer names to the big-name sports brands, from celebrities to your average John Doe, there are about a million situations in which you might want to don a baseball cap. If you're on the search for a new cap, put your faith in us: we've researched the best on the market and collected them here to make it easier for you to find your new favorite hat.

FlexFit Men’s Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap

A Classic Style That Will Never Disappoint

If you're looking for the most classic baseball cap out there, this is your ticket. Perfect for whatever occasion you want to wear it, this cap takes you from work to your date with no need to change.
Best Overall

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If you’re searching for a classic, all-around solid baseball cap, this is the best choice out there. Available in classic colors, the FlexFit baseball fitted cap is a must-have in every man’s closet. It is made from a cotton and spandex blend that’s lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent. Everything in this baseball cap design is meant to keep your head cool and dry – even during the hottest days. We love the mid-profile crown and the solid, plain design of this cap, as they make it perfect for virtually every occasion. Thanks to its mid-profile, you can choose to wear it as low as you want, too.


  • It has a stretch-fitted technology that provides extreme comfort and a guaranteed fit
  • The fitted cap is relatively soft, but it will stay in shape
  • The brim is wide enough to protect your face from the glare of the sun


  • The fabric of this baseball cap is not moisture-wicking

Under Armour Men’s Blitzing Cap

Breaking a Sweat

This baseball cap touts that classic fit you want so badly, but it has a hidden secret – its built-in sweatbands help keep you dry even on the hottest days.
Best Sweat-Wicking

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Compared to most baseball caps out there, this one by Under Armour is extraordinarily lightweight and cool. It’s made from high-grade polyester that’s lauded for its moisture-wicking properties, so this is the perfect baseball cap for sweatier folks. We love the classic logo’s embroidery on the front because it gives this cap a more casual look, but you can always dress it up to match your style for the day. Finally, this baseball cap has an extra layer of foam on the front panel for extra comfort and moisture absorption.


  • The design is machine-wash friendly without deforming the brim or denting the crown
  • Its high-quality polyester structure gives it superior breathability and durability
  • It features a weaved, micro-thread fabric to give stretch and help you achieve a perfect fit


  • This is a fitted style that doesn’t have an adjustable strap

KBETHOS Classic Polo Style Adjustable Baseball Cap

Find Your Perfect Fit for Optimal Comfort

There's nothing worse than finding the perfect baseball cap only to realize the fit's all wrong. With this adjustable style, you're in control of your fit for maximum comfort.
Best Adjustable

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Famous for their headwear, this KBETHOS classic polo baseball cap is perfect for warm-weather activities. Unlike fitted caps, you can freely adjust the strap on the back to find the perfect fit for your head — ultimately, this is one of the best features of this baseball cap. Its design is made from cotton that’s well-absorbing and breathable enough to work for warm days. It’s also thick enough to protect your head against sunlight and UV rays, but it’s not UV-resistant. Overall, if you’re looking for a luxurious baseball cap that will show very little wear and tear throughout the year, this is your style.


  • Made from 100% cotton that’s breathable and moisture-absorbing
  • Comes with six added panels to the pre-curved visor to help it maintain its form
  • Comes with an adjustable metal buckle closure to help you find the perfect fit


  • This hat is not meant to be machine-washed as it can wash out the color and warp its shape

Ha G’s Adjustable Leather Baseball Cap

A Baseball Cap Worthy of a Fashion Show

Who says baseball caps have to be boring? Make a bold statement with your everyday look by wearing this luxurious leather baseball cap.
Most Stylish

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Sometimes you need to step up your baseball cap game and bring it up to par with the rest of your style. Leather baseball caps became a hit quite a while ago, but this trendy fad is still seen on celebrities every day. The best thing about this genuine leather baseball cap is that you can get the same style without breaking your bank account. Made from 100% real leather, you get an ultra-soft feel that will look perfect with your casual, fashion-forward style. The Ha G’s baseball cap is handcrafted to perfection with a pre-curved visor that keeps the sun away from your face. Plus, the easily adjustable velcro closure helps you customize your hat to give you the ultimate fit.


  • Made from 100% genuine, ultra-soft leather
  • Comes with an adjustable velcro closure to provide a better fit
  • Can be cleaned quickly with a soft cloth or micro-fiber towel to dust the surface


  • Leather isn’t moisture-wicking, which can make this cap a no-no for warm days

Ellewin Baseball Cap UPF 50

Elevate Your Sports Game with One Cap

Okay, we can't promise this cap will make you more athletic, but, we can assure you'll look fabulous while staying dry and protected from the sun. What else can you ask for from a baseball cap?
Best for Sports

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Every outdoor sports fan out there needs to invest in this baseball cap. The most outstanding feature of the Ellewin foldable baseball cap is the UV protection with 50 UPF. This hat is perfect for staying safe during outdoor activities on the harshest, sunniest days. The extra-wide and long visor is designed to protect your face, head, and neck against the sun. It also comes with a soft design that you can easily fold and fit in your bag or pocket when you’re not using it – you can thank its 3-panel design for that. There’s so much to love about this baseball cap. Did we mention it’s also a bit waterproof to keep you dry with light rains? Yes, this soft baseball cap can do everything you dreamed a baseball cap could do.


  • Comes with UPF 50 protection to keep you protected against sun damage
  • Its brim easily folds to fit inside your pocket without losing its shape afterward
  • It’s slightly waterproof to help you stay dry with light rains and showers


  • It has a “one size fits all” that might make the fit not the best one for everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash baseball caps in the washer?

Unless specified otherwise, you can wash a baseball cap in the washer. Place it alone or with a smaller load of laundry to prevent it from losing its shape. Make sure to use a mild detergent, warm water, and set your washer on the gentle cycle. Avoid using any bleach as most baseball caps can get bleach stains.

How do you get rid of sweat stains from baseball caps?

Sweat stains are a common issue. You can get rid of the stains by soaking your cap in a water-vinegar solution for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes you might be able to get rid of the stains by soaking the cap in water and liquid laundry detergent for a while.