The Best Cigar Cutters

We don't have to tell you how serene it feels to sit and relax with a stiff drink and a good cigar after a long day at work. In order to truly enjoy that cigar, though, you first need to cut the end in order to ensure the smoke will pass through smoothly. The simplest way to do this is with a cigar cutter. Cigar cutters are easy to use, and if you have a good one, it'll cut your cigars quickly and cleanly; on the other hand, not-so-great options will leave a jagged tear and possibly even ruin the cigar altogether. In order to ensure that you're able to make the most of your cigar, we've done our fair share of research to determine the best cigar cutters currently available on the market. Read on to see what's what.

Alaska Bear Antique Bronze Cigar Cutter

Beautiful Finish

A gorgeous bronze cigar cutter for those who love the finer things in life.
Best Overall

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Why cut your cigars with something basic when you can use something beautiful? The Alaska Bear Antique Bronze Cigar Cutter looks gorgeous and cuts smoothly, so you always look sophisticated and your cigars are always smooth.

The high-quality blades of this double guillotine-style cigar cutter are easy to maintain because they are completely self-sharpening. The ergonomic handles position your hands safely to ensure you never hurt yourself, as well. Premium steel makes up the body of this cutter, but it has an antique bronze finish that adds to the overall luxury feel. You’re bound to love it as much as we do – if you have any sense, that is. Just kidding. Mostly…


  • The included bag protects this cutter while it is in your pocket to ensure the finish always looks new
  • It is very affordable
  • Care is simple due to the self-sharpening blades and smooth finish
  • Your cigars will be cut cleanly so you always get the smoothest smoke possible
  • The company seems to truly care about its customers, which we think is always worth a mention


  • The steel can rust if it gets wet and you don’t dry it right away

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

No Frills

This high-quality, easy-to-use cigar cutter makes an excellent gift for the tobacco aficionado in your life.
Best Gift

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It can be hard to find a well-made V-style cigar cutter, which can be an issue because it’s often a favorite with those who regularly smoke cigars. Well, search no more, because here’s your answer. The Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter is a fantastic choice and it makes an awesome gift for anyone in your life who loves their cigars.

Thanks to the spring-loaded blades, this cigar cutter is easy to use – even for those with joint pain. Simply push the button to release the blades, insert the cigar, and push it closed. That’s it. Now you have the perfect cut for a smooth experience. This cutter comes packaged in a simple, yet elegant box that comes in handy for gifting or storage.


  • Every cut is nearly perfect due to the super sharp blades
  • V-cuts go deeper than regular straight cuts, which means you get a smoother smoke from your cigar
  • It is pre-packaged in an elegant gift box so you aren’t wasting your time trying to figure out how to wrap it
  • Available in 5 colors to ensure you find the right one to fit your style
  • This cutter is very easy to use, even for those with painful joints


  • The blades do go dull over time and you will need to sharpen them

Petutu Double-Bladed Guillotine Cigar Cutter (3-Pack)

Packs a Punch

Keep a cigar cutter handy at all times with this convenient 3-pack.
Best Pack

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We always appreciate a great deal, and this product offers exactly that. The Petutu Double-Bladed Guillotine Cigar Cutter (3-Pack) saves you money without sacrificing anything in the name of quality.

These cigar cutters tout the classic straight-cut, double-bladed guillotine style, and they do an excellent job of cutting your cigars to perfection. The self-sharpening blades are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and because of this, you get a clean cut every single time you use them. Each one is individually wrapped, so you have the choice to keep two in storage until you need them. You could also choose to leave one in each spot you smoke in – that way you don’t have to remember to take one with you.


  • The blades are self-sharpening, which saves you time and money
  • Since there are 3 in this set, you can leave one in your car, one at home, and one at work
  • They cut cleanly and evenly every time, even under heavy use
  • Overall, a great cost value for 3 cutters
  • Again, the customer service is excellent, so even if you do run into an issue it’ll likely be taken care of quickly


  • These only fit cigars up to 60-gauge

The Big Easy Tobacco Co. Quad Table Cigar Cutter

Step Up to the Table

This tabletop cigar cutter is the perfect addition to any smoker's collection.
Best Tabletop Cutter

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Do you usually smoke in the same place day after day? Is there often a group of you chatting and smoking together? If the answer is yes, then The Big Easy Tobacco Co. Quad Table Cigar Cutter is an attractive choice for you and your friends.

This cigar cutter offers four different cigar cutting options. The two V-cutting holes on the ends give you two size options; each of these will cut a deep V into your cigars for a deeper inhale. The two center holes are classic guillotine cutters that cut the tips off quickly if you prefer a straight cut. By simply choosing which size and type of cut you want and inserting your cigar, you’ve done almost all the work. After that, simply pull the handle on the side and voila – the cut ends fall into the box for easy disposal and your cigar is ready to go.


  • This tabletop cigar cutter looks elegant and has an old-world feel
  • You can cut four cigars at once, which is super convenient for groups
  • It is durable – you can count on it for years to come
  • The cut ends are held inside for mess-free disposal
  • It is nice and heavy, which makes it quite stable and reliable


  • Costs a bit more than many of the competitors’ cutters, though the quality should justify this

Camlinbo Cigar Cutter and Punch

All-in-One and One for All

The right choice for any cigar, no matter the style or size.
Most Versatile

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There are numerous cigar sizes, so you usually need to buy various cutters in order to fit them all. This can be challenging, not to mention frustrating, because it can be hard to find a versatile cigar cutter. The Camlinbo Cigar Cutter and Punch eliminates that problem and ensures you can always smoke your cigars with ease.

This cigar cutter is made up of a single-blade guillotine with an easy-to-use spring trigger. You just push the button and the blade is released, then press it down to leave a straight cut for a deep inhale. On the other hand, you could choose to use one of the two built-in cigar punches instead. A cigar punch creates a smaller hole, which is great for thinner cigars or for those who like a stronger inhale. Either way, this versatile cigar cutter should work out excellently for virtually any cigar.


  • Unlike most cigar cutters, this one can be used with any cigar
  • You have 3 separate options when choosing how you want your cigar cut, giving you the ability to tailor your smoking experience to your personal tastes
  • This cutter is portable and lightweight so you never need to leave home without it
  • It comes with a simple gift box, making gifting or storage easy
  • The spring-loaded operation makes it easy to use for those with joint issues


  • The guillotine blade will need to be sharpened

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the shape, what is the difference between a straight cut and a V-cut?

A straight cut will remove the cap of your cigar, leaving it more open and exposed. This means that your smoking experience will be smoother, yet you will take in much more smoke every time you inhale. For some people, this feels like too much. The V-cut cuts more deeply; however, it does not expose as much of the cigar itself, so you end up with a deeper, slower inhale.

Do I have to use a cigar cutter to smoke a cigar?

The short answer is no, you don’t have to use a cigar cutter to smoke a cigar. However, if you don’t, you will need to use a knife or a punch. The cigar cap needs to be removed or cut in order for you to inhale any smoke. Some people will bite the end, or cut it with a pocket knife, but the results are sloppy and you may just tear the cigar.