The Best Diabetic Socks for Men

When you have diabetes, foot care is essential. High blood sugar can potentially damage your nerves and decrease the sensation you feel in your feet. As part of your diabetes management, your doctor may recommend wearing diabetic socks, especially if you've already experienced some changes in your feet. These special socks are designed to enhance your blood circulation and keep your feet dry. Most diabetic socks are seamless, to help prevent blisters from forming where your skin rubs against a rough seam. Diabetic socks also have non-elastic binding, which helps to keep your blood flowing. They're typically very comfortable socks that you can wear daily. If you're ready to give these socks a try, here are our favorite diabetic socks for men.

Physicians Approved Diabetic Socks

Keep Your Feet Healthy

These great socks check nearly every box for what we look for in diabetic socks for men, including cost-effectiveness and comfort.
Best Overall

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When talking to your doctor about diabetic socks for men, there will be a few key requirements they list. These socks have them all. Cushioned bottom to help keep your foot from getting inured? Check. Loose-fitting top that won’t cut off circulation? Check. Machine-washable? Check. These socks have it all. They are practically perfect for helping to keep your feet healthy.

You can get these crew socks in black, white, or grey. They are available in 3, 6, or 12 packs, so you can start with a small pack to see if they work well for you, and then invest in a larger quantity if they do.


  • Non-binding top that won’t restrict blood flow in your legs
  • Easy-care material that can be washed and dried in the machines
  • Anti-odor properties to help keep your feet fresh


  • These aren’t seamless, since there is a seam on the toes that may bother some people.

Dr. Scholl’s Men’s 4 Pack Diabetic Crew Sock

Stop the Stink

You'll appreciate the Silvadur odor-resistant properties in these diabetic socks.
Best Value

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If you’re looking for diabetic socks that feel normal and won’t break the bank, check out these ones from Dr. Scholl’s. They look like any typical pair of socks. But, don’t let their appearance deceive you. These socks can play a big role in your foot care plan.

The stretchy polyester blend material is soft and easy to pull on. Once in place, you won’t feel any binding, as the top is a loose fit. The material these socks are made from helps wick away moisture to keep your feet dry. There are odor-resistant properties throughout to help keep your feet from stinking. Also, the bottoms are cushioned to help protect your feet throughout the day and make them more comfortable to wear.


  • Pack of 4 socks for a bargain price
  • Antimicrobial Silvadur technology to keep odor at bay
  • Cotton and latex-free material blend to reduce moisture absorption


  • If your calves are larger, you may find these to be a bit snug at the top. Make sure you check the size chart before purchasing.

LM 12 Pairs of Diabetic Crew Socks

No Restriction

You won't feel any pressure or binding at the top of these loose fit diabetic socks.
Best Loose Fit

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Are you ready to replace all of your socks with diabetic socks for men? This pack of twelve will help you do that quickly. These socks are good quality, with a loose-fitting top that won’t restrict your circulation. The stretchy material pulls on easily and then bounces back into shape so you don’t have a bunch of stretched out socks to deal with. These hold up well in the wash, so you’ll get a lot of use out of each pair.

Your feet will appreciate the soft cotton-nylon blend. It’s very comfortable even if you wear them all day long. You won’t have marks at the calf when you take them off at night, which is super important when you’re trying to manage the health of your feet.


  • A dozen pairs, to help you stock up on diabetic socks
  • Three colors available (black, white, grey) to coordinate with your entire wardrobe
  • Loose-fitting top that stays up but won’t dig into your calf


  • These tend to run a bit small, especially in the foot. If you’re between sizes or have wide feet, going up one size might be the best way to ensure they fit.

Doctor’s Choice Men’s Diabetic Crew Socks

Soft and Comfortable

Your feet will feel pampered in these diabetic socks that offer full cushion and padded protection.
Best Cushioning

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It’s important to cushion your feet when you have diabetes. A blister or ulcer can turn into a disastrous situation, so you want socks that help prevent those. These ones will work nicely. They are fully cushioned to provide protection for your entire foot. They feel so nice when you pull them on.

In addition to being comfortable and cushioning, these socks can help you manage other aspects of your foot care. The synthetic fabric wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and warm. The loose-fitting top won’t leave rings around your calf when you take them off. Plus, there’s a seamless toe that won’t bunch up as you’re walking. You can get them in a couple of different styles and colors, so you might want to pick up a couple of pairs so you’ll always look great while your feet are being cared for.


  • Quarter length and calf-length sizes available
  • Full cushion support for your feet to add protection and comfort
  • Antimicrobial to help keep your feet from stinking
  • Made from moisture-wicking yarns so your feet won’t get wet


  • Not all colors and styles are available in size extra-large, so if you have larger feet you’ll have fewer choices
  • Contains rubber, which helps keep the socks in place, but may cause an allergic reaction for some people

Diabetic Socks for Men by Debra Weitzner

Not Just Black and White

While most diabetic socks for men come in only a couple of colors, you can select between several different colors with these.
Best Color Selection

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If you like to wear socks of different colors, you’ll appreciate the options that these ones come with. You can select between several different colors, including navy, brown, and beige. The more traditional black, white, and grey are also available.

These diabetic socks for men are very durable, no matter which color you go with. You can easily wash them, and they hold up well. Additionally, these socks provide the loose-fitting top that you need for circulation. The stretchy materials make them easy to pull on and take off. They’re a great looking sock that can also help you keep your feet healthy.


  • Anti-bacterial properties to eliminate odors
  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet dry
  • Six pairs of socks, so you can always have a clean pair ready to go
  • Breathable weave to help prevent overheating


  • They don’t have a lot of cushion on the bottom, the material is fairly thin everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear diabetic socks?

Only your doctor can give you an appropriate answer to this question. However, there are some reasons why you may want to wear diabetic socks, even if you don’t have diabetes. First, they can help promote good blood flow to your feet. If your normal socks often leave marks or rings on your leg, that’s a sign that they’re cutting off some circulation. Additionally, many diabetic socks don’t have a bulky toe seam. If you have sensitive feet, you may prefer this design. Finally, diabetic socks are typically good at wicking moisture. They can help your feet stay dry, even if you’re working out.

What size sock should I buy?

When you’re buying a pair of diabetic socks for men, you’ll want to pay close attention to the size. Different brands may have different size charts, but you can generally find the right fit based on the length of your foot.

Unlike shoes, many socks are measured in inches. So, a 9-11 sock will fit if your foot is between 9-inches and 11-inches. Measuring is the best way to ensure your foot fits in your sock. However, you should always refer to the product listing’s sizing chart.