The Best Duck Boots for Men

Duck boots are an essential outdoors accessory for regions where precipitation is more the rule than the exception. What separates duck boots from rain boots or hiking boots is their versatile design. By combining a more comfortable, porous upper boot with a rubberized, impenetrable lower sole, duck boots are both functional and fashionable. The duck boots we've selected as our favorites tout a few standout features, including supreme comfort, lightweight materials, and preeminent waterproofing. Our list is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Aleader Duck Boot

Only a Quack Would Pass These Up

Aleader's Duck Boot is a lightweight fashion statement that offers full-season protection from precipitation.
Best Overall

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Duck boots are a modern marvel born out of necessity for those who frequently face adverse and unpredictable weather. The Aleader duck boot possesses several key features that make it stand above the rest. This boot’s upper is crafted with synthetic, cruelty-free leather for a comfortable fit that can stand up to grime and dirt. In addition to this, it boasts a lightweight design and stitched-in tongue that will keep you on the job longer without soaking your socks.


  • Fleece lining throughout
  • Boot runs true to the sizing chart
  • Breathable lining won’t cause excessive perspiration in warmer months
  • Relatively short break-in period


  • The inner sole could use some extra padding

ArcticShield Durable Duck Boots

Waterproofing for Every Which Way

If the trail is treacherous, ArcticShield's duck boots will keep you surefooted around every turn.
Best Traction

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Rainy conditions can spell disaster for tennis shoes or sneakers due to poor tread and porous design. ArcticShield’s Durable Duck Boots specialize in the most adverse weather conditions yet sport a muted, modern design that blends with every outfit. Unlike competitors that skimp on the intricate details, ArcticShield stands above the rest when it comes to stitching, outsole grip, and insole comfort. The EVA memory foam that constitutes the insert will mold to your foot without compressing excessively.


  • The upper is constructed with real, high-quality leather
  • Wool interior to repel frigid conditions
  • Extra space in the toes for added comfort
  • Available in three sophisticated color options


  • It may be uncomfortable for wider feet

Sperry Avenue Nylon Duck Boot

Never Neglect Nylon

The Sperry Avenue nylon duck boot is artfully crafted to turn heads in malls and monsoons alike with breathable fabrics and plush padding.
Best Nylon Boot

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The Sperry Avenue nylon boot is a bit of a divergence from the original design, but with good reason. The main draw to this slick sneaker lies in the design of the upper. Instead of authentic or synthetic leather, this one touts a nylon construction that provides incredible breathability and scratch-resistance. The nylon also makes them easy to clean, which ensures that they look fresh season after season. While the elasticity of nylon will make for a comfortable fit straight out of the box, the material is more permeable than other durable alternatives. As long as you’re not submerging yourself into puddles shin-deep, though, this one should be a reliable companion for years to come.


  • Wool lining
  • Footbed lined with memory foam for ultimate comfort
  • Padded ankle protection won’t chafe when tightened


  • The traction may fail under extremely icy conditions

Sperry Avenue Leather Duck Boot

Protection for Every Puddle

If you're tired of water-logged feet but can't resist the call of the sea, reach for Sperry's Avenue Leather Duck Boot.
Best for Boating

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Originally a nautical-centric manufacturer, the iconic Sperry boat shoe can trace its beginnings to the decks of watercraft — that is, before the company burst onto the scene of preppy New England-style fashion. Their aquatic origins are far from a distant memory, though, and this is reflected in successive generations of sturdily constructed shoes for all ages and sizes.

This leather duck boot is the perfect fit for the tenacious fisherman because of its unrivaled waterproofing in everything from the top-quality leather to the masterful stitching. If you’re out on the high seas or mountain ridges for extended periods of time, don’t fret; the memory foam padding will keep your feet comfortable and pain-free no matter the duration of your expedition.


  • The fashionable design is perfect for nightlife as well as outdoor life
  • Vulcanized rubber bottom for increased rigidity
  • Won’t degrade in saltwater conditions


  • Interior lining only on the leather section

Faivykyd Mid-Calf Duck Boots

Impenetrable Insulation

Faivykyd's mid-calf duck boots provide unparalleled warmth in the most frigid environments without giving your feet a sweat bath.
Best Mid-Size

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If your region tends to get more snow than rain, Faivykyd’s mid-calf duck boots should be at the very top of your wishlist. Although most duck boots do indeed possess a padded lining of some sort, excessive insulation is typically unnecessary given rubber’s airtight nature. These boots are padded with faux fur and polyurethane leather on the inside, allowing for both evaporation and warmth simultaneously. The exterior of the boot is crafted with umbrella cloth, a composite of several synthetic materials that is waterproof, lightweight, and highly durable.


  • Available in black or brown
  • Features reflective strips for nighttime safety
  • Top bungee fastener keeps snow out
  • Excellent value for the price


  • The boot is not ideal for narrow feet

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the story behind duck boots?

Duck boots are a type of boot that’s over a century old and has its origins in Freeport, Maine, USA. Leon Leonwood Bean, an outdoorsman who was dissatisfied with his hunting boots’ failure to keep moisture out on long expeditions, created the initial design. He simply sewed the tops of leather boots to the bottom half of a galosh, or rubber overshoe. While this design sold out almost instantly, problems with the stitching led Mr. Bean to contact a rubber manufacturer to design custom rubber soles, replace the initial defects, and eventually create the modern-day apparel giant, LL Bean.

Are there any situations where duck boots would outperform hiking boots?

If the damp hiking expedition you are considering involves little changes in elevation or relatively even terrain, duck boots might very well outperform your hiking boots. However, due to several factors, duck boots can lead to foot pain and an overall uneasy trek if your adventure starts getting mountainous. The main problem with duck boots is the construction of the lower section, the laces, and ankle support. Due to the inflexibility of vulcanized rubber, duck books compensate by giving your feet slightly more room to maneuver. Unfortunately, on the trail, this can very easily lead to missteps on slippery rocks. The laces, too, are not particularly tight around the foot but are tighter around the top of the boot, ideal for trapping in heat, but not for securing your foot.