The Best Foot Files

If you're not willing to show your own feet some love, who else is going to? Invest in a foot file and you've invested in self-care. Why? Simple: with a foot file, you not only exfoliate dead skin cells and promote generally healthier foot skin, but you also get to slough away some of those unsightly calluses and corns, helping to reduce your own sense of self-consciousness towards your feet. After all, who wants to hide their paws at the beach or think twice about wearing sandals during that beautiful sun-soaked day at the park? File that self-consciousness away with the rest of your foot-related worries by choosing one of the foot files on our list. Our team selected these as a few of the best ones available on the market, so take a look and see if you agree.

Rikans Callus Remover

King of the Hill

Though others may try, none surpass this one in terms of quality and effectiveness.
Best Overall

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Wet feet, dry feet, hard feet, soft feet – whatever state your feet happen to be in when you pick up this callus remover from Rikans, no matter. You can use this any time, whether you’re in the shower or you’re just getting ready for bed. What’s so good about it? Well, for one thing, it’s quite large yet lightweight, meaning it’s easy to maneuver but it’ll still cover a large surface area. Second, it’s made of high-quality stainless, steel that’s not only rustproof, but also affordable. And finally, this beast is downright effective. Unlike other models, you’re not going to be scrubbing and grating and filing away the day, waiting for those dead skin cells to slough off; no, with this one, the results are quick and dramatic. In fact, you’ll have to be careful you don’t file your feet down too quickly.


  • Excellent for those with dry, cracked heels
  • Easy-to-hold, comfortable grip


  • Because it’s so sharp and effective, you’ll need to use a gentle touch or you’ll risk hurting yourself

BTYMS Foot File Kit

Don't Foot the Bill

Who says you need to sell an arm and a leg to invest in footcare?
Best Value

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Why approach footcare with one tool when you can hit it with a trifecta? Such is thinking with this kit from BTYMS. With the two included foot files and one foot rasp, you’ve got a world of variety in the way you choose to tackle common foot issues, like cracked heels, calluses, and general roughness. The foot files tout a rougher side and a smoother side so you can start off easy on those sensitive areas and grind away at those more stubborn ones. We appreciate this versatile approach because everyone deals with different foot issues. The ability to choose from different tools – all sold in an ultra-affordable package, mind you – is quite helpful.


  • Three tools sold for what it typically costs to just buy one foot file
  • Versatility allows you to address a wide range of foot problems


  • Coarse ones are quite sharp – you need to be mindful while you’re using them

Pritech Electric Foot File

A Feet of Technology

Put that elbow grease away, silly. This electric file does the heavy lifting for you.
Best Electric

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Just because you don’t have to time to go to the spa doesn’t mean you can’t pamper your body. With an electric foot file in your arsenal, you’re one step closer to bringing the spa home to you. Designed with multiple roller heads and a two-speed gear system, the customization this one provides is fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a deep grind to file away calluses, or you just want to stay on top of your already-smooth feet, this one is an excellent, convenient model to help you do so without requiring that you put in much manual effort.


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts 45 minutes, which is more than enough for multiple filing sessions
  • IP67 waterproofing means the unit can be used inside the shower


  • Motor may become sluggish during longer filing sessions
  • Not quite as effective as sharper, manual files

Elmchee Electric Callus Remover

File Your Cares Away

Just like your feet, this one can take a beating.
Most Durable

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Most of us in the market for a foot file are looking to buy one because we care about our feet and want to preserve their integrity for a long time. But while we’re busy worrying about our own feet’s longevity, do we remember to think about the longevity of the tool that does the filing for us? With Elmchee’s electric model, you can focus all your concerns on your own feet because this foot file needs no babying. Designed to withstand the rigours of filing your toughest, nastiest calluses, when you buy this supremely affordable model, you can rest assured that it’ll last much longer than your foot’s dead skin cells will.


  • 1200mAh battery offers 120 minutes of continuous use
  • Has a battery life display function so that you know when it needs to be charged
  • Three interchangeable quartz sand grinding heads, so you can choose the right one for your foot’s needs
  • Stylish design with cute colors


  • Doesn’t work as well on wet skin

BTArtbox Foot File

Not Rust Nor Callus

Those with moderately dry skin or mild calluses would be wise to look to this effective, rustproof option.
Best Stainless Steel

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If you don’t already know, stainless steel is such a commonly utilized material in … well, just about everything, and one reason for that is that it won’t corrode or rust when it interacts with water. Because many of us choose to do our filing in the shower, a stainless steel foot file only makes sense. Can you imagine using a rusty file? Not a chance. Double-sided, ergonomic, and moderately sharp, this one is a fine universal option for those dealing with typical foot problems like mild calluses, chapped skin, and cracked heels. It’s good-looking and inexpensive, too, so if you want a modest, reliable file, this is a great option.


  • Works fairly quickly, but isn’t so sharp that you have to be super gentle
  • One of the best options on the market for removing calluses


  • It’s fairly big, so if you’re looking to get into small nooks and crannies, it might be challenging

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point of using a foot file?

It’s simple: foot files are used to file down calluses and corns and exfoliate dead skin. Because we put our feet through a daily saga of, you know, bearing all of our weight everywhere we go, dead skin cells build up. A foot file provides one of the best ways of sloughing them away to ensure our feet are healthy, soft, fresh, and clean.

What kind of foot file should I use?

Really, the choice comes down to using a manual file or an electric one. Many prefer that satisfying tactile feeling of sloughing away dead skin manually, but for others suffering from arthritis or other structural issues – or those who simply don’t enjoy that manual-filing process – electric files can be great. Whichever you choose, be sure to read up on that file’s particular sharpness. Not all calluses and dead cell build-ups are created equal, so you’ll want to buy one to meet the needs of your feet.