The Best Lanyards to Keep Your ID Secure

When I was a college student, it was mandatory to use a lanyard with your ID badge showing. At first, having something around my neck all day was not my definition of a stylish college outfit. However, after some digging, I found some beautiful and fashionista-approved lanyards with ID badge holders that suited my style and personality. Eventually, I understood that it was so much easier to carry my ID around my neck than to have to find it inside the mysterious, elusive universe inside my purse. Anyway, you've had enough of my nostalgic reminiscing. If you have to wear an ID badge regularly or you need something to keep your valuables together and handy, keep scrolling to see the best lanyards out there.

Keylion Cruise Lanyard with ID Holder

Your Go-to Lanyard for Every Occassion

This retractable lanyard from Keylion is perfect for offices, conferences, exhibitions, schools – you name it.
Best Overall

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When it comes to lanyards with ID holders, no one can beat Keylion. These cruise lanyards are perfect for wearing your ID badge at the office, meetings, conferences, school, or exhibitions. Made from soft and durable woven polyester, the comfortable and retractable lanyard is the ideal length. It features an extra-long retractable cord that lets you scan your IDs without an issue. Serving as an affordable option, this one makes it perfect for offices or if you need to keep various ID badges with you as you go about your day.


  • The PVC badge holder comes with a resealable zip that makes it water and moisture-resistant
  • Made from transparent, crisp plastic that’s easily scannable
  • It is very affordable compared to other options on the market


  • The PVC isn’t the highest quality, which can lead to splits and tears in the badge holder
  • The zippered seal strip could detach from regular use over time

Celokiy Boho Floral Lanyard for ID Badge

All-Day Comfort

Sometimes low-quality lanyards can be itchy and irritating on your skin. That is not the case with this beautiful lanyard from Celokiy.
Most Comfortable

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You’re bound to love the adorable floral designs from these Celokiy lanyards. Made from three layers of high-quality fabric, these aren’t your average lanyards. Feel the softness and lightness of these ultra-breathable cotton lanyards that won’t irritate your skin, stick to it, or cause any itching. The cotton blend is also hypo-allergenic. All in all, these lanyards offer superior comfort that makes them perfect for work or school. It also features a durable metal swivel clasp and keyring to fit your plastic ID badge holder with ease.


  • Made from a soft and durable cotton cloth material that won’t irritate the skin
  • It is hypo-allergenic and breathable so it can be worn all day long
  • It is designed to fit perfectly with traditional ID badge holders


  • The cotton material isn’t waterproof or water-resistant and can easily get stained

Mifflin Flat Lanyards for Face Masks & ID Badges

Tough and Tangle-Free

Forget about tangled lanyards that make you feel like you're a modern Medusa. The fantastic flat design of this high-quality lanyard will always stay tangle-free.
Most Durable

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The Mifflin flat lanyards for ID badges and facemasks can carry more than one card at a time and are a definite must-have. These affordable lanyards don’t sacrifice quality and durability for the price. They are made from durable polyester lanyards that feature a unique flat design that’s tangle-free, so they’re perfect for handing out ID badges at conferences or exhibitions. The strong, yet ultra soft woven ribbon feels comfortable enough to be worn all day long. It also comes with a swiveling metal J-hook for holding various IDs, facemasks, or other items you need to keep close.


  • The ultra-soft polyester fabric won’t cause irritation
  • Made from durable polyester that’s water- and fade-resistant
  • It has a flat design that prevents tangling


  • The design doesn’t feature a retractable cord, and the J-hook is not a quick-release one, which can make it challenging to scan your ID sometimes

Teskyer Leather Badge Holder with Zipper Pocket

Everything Where it Belongs

Who says a lanyard needs to be only for your ID? Keep everything you need close to you with this leather badge holder with a zipper pocket.
Most Versatile

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This one’s for those who want their lanyards to hold a bit more than their ID cards. The Teskyer leather badge holder comes with one visible card slot in the front that is ideal for entry-access ID badges. But, it also comes with a hidden card slot at the front and two hidden card slots at the back to give you four slots in total for things like credit cards and your personal ID. What makes me love this lanyard even more is the hidden zipper pocket where you can keep cash, notes, or whatever you need to store. It also comes with a matching leather lanyard that features a lobster claw at the end. It’s the absolute perfect badge holder for business professionals, medical workers, and even for your daily use.


  • The design is very spacious with four card slots, both hidden and visible for scanning
  • It features a hidden zippered pocket for cash or other small items
  • The lanyard length is the perfect size to help you scan your badges without taking it off the cord


  • The backside pockets can be a bit too tight to get the cards out, and the design doesn’t feature an emergency breakaway feature

Azrra Stainless Steel Chain Necklace Lanyard

Making Lanyards Chic

Forget about dull-looking lanyards – elevate your style and keep your ID with you and secure with this necklace-style lanyard.
Best in Style

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This one is a lanyard you can take from work to the party in a moment’s notice. The Azrra stainless steel chain necklace lanyard is made from strong and durable stainless steel that looks modern and sturdy. This necklace lanyard’s most remarkable feature is its flexible design. You can simply take off the badge holder clips to transform this fashionable lanyard into a modern necklace. This lanyard also has a reinforced badge reel made of military-grade zinc alloy metal to give you the confidence you need to keep your items safe. It also comes with its own badge holder that’s waterproof and can be removed from the retractable badge holder for additional comfort.


  • The design seamlessly transforms from a traditional lanyard into a necklace in one simple step
  • The transparent ID badge holder is waterproof, can hold up to five cards at once, and is removable
  • It comes with reinforced badge reels made of military-grade zinc alloy metal that will last a long time


  • For daily wear use, the stainless steel necklace can irritate the neck skin if too much weight is added

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do lanyards have clips?

You probably know these as breakaway lanyards. These feature a plastic clip that sits at the nape of your neck and has some give in case the lanyard is yanked. Some might have rubber breakaways lower down on the cord that release when pulled. These safety lanyards have quick-release clasps that open quickly to prevent choking in case of an accident.

Can you put your keys on a lanyard?

The short answer is yes. However, if you put your keys in a lanyard, you should avoid wearing your lanyard on your neck as the key’s weight can bee too much and cause neck strain. Ideally, if you add your keychain to your lanyard, you want to attach the lanyard to your pocket then or carry it in your purse to prevent any strain.