The Best Layered Necklaces For Women

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to express your personal style. From different styles of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to different metals to different gemstones, the options are nearly endless. But to truly show off your creativity and style, there's no better way than mixing and matching your favorite pieces together to get a totally unique-to-you look. Pile on several necklaces at once to add some drama and movement to any outfit and add a hint of edginess that really takes your look over the top. Explore our favorite layered necklace sets that make it super simple to stack on the style.

M Mooham Danity Layered Initial Necklace

Layer up

This dainty and delicate mix gives you an effortless and edgy look.
Best Overall

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With two distinct chains, this necklace gives you that effortless layered look without all the hassle of finding matching styles on your own. The shorter chain is a paperclip style that is a versatile option you can pair with almost anything. The longer of the two necklaces has a hexagon charm engraved with an initial on the front and a heart on the back, giving you two different ways to wear it. Both of the designs are made from brass and plated with 14-karat gold for a high-quality piece that you can wear for years.


  • The two necklaces each have 2-inch extenders, so you can wear them at different lengths
  • They’re not attached, so you can mix and match them with your other jewelry to change up your look
  • They’re nickel- and lead-free, making them safe even for sensitive skin


  • The pendant has a shinier finish than the chain, which makes it look less cohesive
  • Both chains are very delicate and break easily if treated roughly

Turandoss Dainty Layered Choker Necklace

Modern minimalist

With simple, geometric shapes, this necklace set goes with almost anything.
Most Variety

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This set includes three separate necklaces, allowing you to have a little fun with your jewelry. Wear a single necklace at a time, combine your two favorites, or wear all three together for a cohesive and cool look. Each of the necklaces has a delicate round link chain, while one has beaded pearls, another has a bar pendant, and the third a textured round pendant. They’re all finished in 14-karat gold plating to give them an elevated feel that’s versatile enough to wear with anything from casual outfits to cocktail dresses.


  • The three necklaces are all separate so you can mix and match them however you’d like
  • They’re hypoallergenic, so they won’t irritate sensitive skin
  • Because they’re all a minimal, timeless style, you can wear them with both casual and fancy outfits


  • The necklaces are long, even when clasped on the shortest length
  • When you wear all three at once, they tangle easily

Aisansty Dainty Layered Choker Necklaces

Save on style

This two-necklace set makes a big impact on your look without making a big impact on your wallet.
Best Value

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With two separate necklaces, this set is the definition of versatile. The shorter, two-layer choker necklace is made from a beautiful, textured chain that can be worn with countless different necklines, from scoops to turtlenecks. The longer necklace features a round link chain with a small coin pendant, making it the perfect companion to the choker for a lightly layered look.


  • Each of the necklaces has a 3-inch extender, so you can wear them at varying lengths
  • They’re nickel- and lead-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring they don’t irritate the skin
  • The different chain styles add an edgy element to this otherwise classic set


  • Over time, they may become discolored, especially if worn in water
  • The extenders may get tangled in the back, making it hard to get the necklaces off

Tamhoo 20-Piece Multiple DIY Layered Choker Necklaces

The more the merrier

Pick and choose from 20 different necklaces to create a custom stack, every time.
Best Variety

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This set has 20 different necklaces, each with its own distinct style, that make layering your look even more exciting. Choose from gold- and silver-colored styles and pendants and chokers that all give you an outlet to express your creativity. Wear them alone or stacked in layers of three, four, or even five necklaces to customize a look that’s totally unique to you.


  • The necklaces are a mix of different styles and colors to give you ultimate versatility
  • They’re made of a high-quality alloy to help them hold up well with frequent wear
  • Not all of the necklaces are the same length, which makes them easier to layer without getting tangled


  • Some of the necklaces with shorter lengths may feel tight around your neck
  • The necklaces are fragile and should be handled with care to avoid breakage

Finrezio 10-Piece Choker Necklace Set

Beaded beauties

Instead of layering metal-only styles, this set gives you a mix of beaded designs for even more options.
Best With Beads

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This set of stylish chokers will help you instantly upgrade your look. With a mix of charm, pendant, and beaded styles, you can choose a new look every day. Each of the dainty necklaces is made from a durable alloy and has various beaded accents, ensuring you have a necklace that perfectly pairs with each of your outfits. Some even have multiple strands, giving you that layered look without any of the work.


  • Each necklace has an extender chain, so you can adjust the length as needed
  • The set has a wide variety of styles so you can pick the one that best suits your outfit—or wear multiple together
  • They call come individually wrapped and packaged to ensure they don’t get tangled during shipping


  • Each necklace is choker length, so you don’t have any longer pendant styles to mix in
  • All of the necklaces are gold-colored, so there’s less variety

Frequently Asked Questions

Are layered necklaces attached?

Some layered necklaces come as a single necklace with one clasp. Others, however, are individual necklaces that are simply worn together to create a layered look.

How do you keep layered necklaces from tangling?

Wearing necklaces of varying lengths is one of the easiest ways to help prevent tangling. You can also wear necklaces of different weights, which will help prevent the chains from twisting together.

Can I wear two necklaces at once?

Yes. Wearing multiple necklaces helps you to show off your own personal style and is a great way to add accessories to your outfit. You can even layer together more than two necklaces depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.