The Best Leave In Conditioners

Having the right products and tools will make doing your hair a breeze. One of the most important things you can add to your arsenal is a leave-in conditioner. Designed to make your hair silky smooth, soft, and easier to brush, this versatile product will change how you think about your hair. There are tons of different options on the market, so it can be overwhelming to try to find the right choice for you, your hair, and your budget. Here, we've whittled down the options to the best of the best to help you find the perfect pick.

The Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioning Detangler Spray

A Tried & True Classic

This leave-in spray is perfect for all hair types.
Best Overall

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Crafted from an expert blend of argan oil, shea butter, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract, this spray from The Honest Company detangles hair and eliminates flyaways, all at the same time. The gentle formula can be used daily to soften all hair types, helping to separate the strands and keep hair smooth and shiny. Made without parabens, fragrances, dyes, silicones, sulfates, animal by-products, or formaldehyde donors, this product is safe to use for your entire family. Now that’s honest.


  • The naturally formulated leave-in conditioner is gentle on hair and free of hard chemicals or additives
  • The product includes a blend of shea butter, argan oil, and jojoba protein to keep hair soft and smooth
  • The detangler is not tested on animals and doesn’t contain any animal byproducts


  • The scent is subtle and fades quickly
  • The bottle is on the smaller side, so you have to repurchase more frequently

It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-in product

Tame Flyaways and Eliminate Knots

This leave-in product does the double-duty of conditioning hair and tackling those frizzy flyaways.
Best for Frizz Control

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Say goodbye to dry, dull, and damaged hair. This leave-in spray blends together a detangler and a styling product into one so that your hair has never looked better. Use after the shower to make brushing easier, but also to protect your hair against heat damage from tools like blow dryers and curling irons. That means you can say goodbye to split ends. It’s also safe for colored hair to protect against fading and yellowing, so your hair always looks its best.


  • The product is made with natural ingredients like green tea extract and silk amino acids to make hair shinier and healthier
  • Acts as both a detangler and a heat protectant
  • Adds volume and body to your hair so it’s bouncy and soft


  • The fragrance is strong and may not be great for those who are sensitive to certain scents
  • The bottle is a travel-size, not a full-size product

Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner

Instantly Add Moisture & Bounce

This whipped creme conditioner delivers the extra richness you need for curly hair.
Best for Curly Hair

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Made with rich coconut oil that soaks into hair right away, this leave-in conditioner delivers moisturized and smooth hair in an instant. The nutrient-rich formula detangles wet hair and helps smooth each strand, delivering silky and undamaged hair. Plant-based ingredients like argan oil and shea butter are high-quality products that are also gentle and safe for your hair. Plus, this responsibly- and ethically-sourced conditioner is a product you can feel good about using.


  • The leave-in product has ingredients like tea tree and argan oil to deliver silky and shining locks
  • Responsibly-sourced, it’s an ethical product that’s good for both your hair and the planet
  • The conditioner absorbs into hair quickly for fast-acting detangling


  • It’s a bit of a balancing act since if you use too much it can leave your hair looking greasy
  • The product may be too heavy for those with fine hair

Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-In Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangling Spray

Add Moisture to Dry, Damaged Hair

Make your colored hair look healthy again with the Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-In Conditioner.
Best for Colored Hair

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Bring life back to your colored hair. This moisturizing formula delivers 21 benefits to your hair, including heat protection, detangling, and smoothing. Thanks to sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and other rich ingredients, it gives you the shiny and smooth look you’re after—without weighing you down. The detangler spray is also sulfate-free and vegan, making it a safe and eco-conscious option to get great results with your hair.


  • The formula is specially designed for people with color-treated hair to help reverse dryness and damage
  • The leave-in spray is also a heat protectant, making it the perfect product to use before blow-drying or curling your hair
  • The product is vegan and sulfate-free


  • The floral scent is strong and lasts all day, which some people may not like
  • This product may not be strong enough to detangle thicker hair

CHI Keratin Leave-in Conditioner

Bring Your Hair Back to Life

This leave-in conditioning treatment revitalizes dry hair.
Best for Breakage

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Filled with the benefits of natural keratin, this spray will rebuild hair cuticles to create smooth, silky, and soft strands. The lightweight spray will improve your hair elasticity, helping to strengthen strands and prevent future breakage. Perfect for every-day use, this product will become your new go-to for boosting volume and shine.


  • Great all hair types, making even course or thick hair smoother and softer
  • The natural keratin helps to increase hair’s elasticity, which prevents future damage and breakage—while also repairing current strands
  • The product can be used as both an overnight treatment and a morning treatment for a versatile approach to hair care


  • The citrus scent is strong enough to last all day, though some may find it too overpowering
  • The product may be too heavy for those with thin hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a leave-in conditioner every day?

Most leave-in conditioner sprays add a lot of moisture to your hair with rich ingredients like shea butter or argan oil. Depending on your hair type, using this type of product every day may over-moisturize your hair and cause it to get greasy. If you’re just adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine, start by adding it once a week and increase the frequency as needed.

Do I wash out leave-in conditioner?

No. Unlike normal conditioner, leave-in conditioner is designed to soak into your hair over time. After you apply the leave-in conditioner, brush it through the ends of your hair to work out knots and tangles. Then, style your hair as you would normally to get the maximum benefits from your product.

Do you put leave-in conditioner or wet or dry hair?

Like normal conditioners, leave-in conditioners should be used on wet hair. You can use the product in the shower or afterward to get the best results. Apply the product to the ends of your hair and, using a brush, comb from the bottom of your strands up to the roots to work the conditioner through your hair. This process will help avoid applying too much hair at your roots, which can cause hair to become oily or greasy.