The Best Night Stands

Sometimes we don't give our nightstand selection too much thought when in reality, it's one of the most vital pieces of our bedroom decor. Having a bedside table will not only help you frame your bed better, it will also help you add other decorative and functional items like a night lamp. I took forever to choose my nightstands because I needed something with extra storage room and also enough table space to keep my books, chargers, and everything else I need by my bedside. Whether you're looking for additional storage or style is your number-one priority, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for in this fantastic nightstands selection.

AOJEZOR Round Side Accent Table

The Best Nightstand for Small Spaces

When your bedroom's space is limited, you need a nightstand that will be practical, easy on the eye, and still make a statement. Well, this is your best option out there to get all of that and a bit more.
Best Overall

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Here’s an accent table that will look as fabulous next to your bed or your sofa. When you’re working with a small space, this slender gold-finished table will effortlessly squeeze into the tiniest openings to provide you a stylish space to set your must-haves. This mid-century modern side table is easy to assemble and requires no tools to put together. And although it’s only 16 inches tall, it can still work as a low-profile nightstand with enough space to hold a tiny lamp, leave your phone while you sleep, and maybe even add some decorative accessories to it.


  • Requires no tools for assembly and takes almost no time to complete
  • The waterproof tabletop makes it perfect for keeping your nighttime beverages without worrying about an accident
  • Its multi-functional design works well as a nightstand, coffee table, or side table by your living room


  • The design comes with no drawers or hidden storage room
  • When used as a bedside, this can be slightly short if your bed is tall

VASAGLE Nightstand with Adjustable Mesh Shelves

Vintage Meets Modern Design

Look no further than for this nightstand if you're looking to give your bedroom that industrial-chic popular decor style. It might be simple at first, but this nightstand will become the center of attention in your bedroom.
Best Industrial Chic

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If you haven’t caught the bug for industrial-chic design, you will after seeing these nightstands. I love how flexible and versatile the VASAGLE nightstand can be. You can use them as bedside tables or as a side table for your living room. They might feel lightweight and straightforward, but these tables pack excellent storage space. They can withstand a weight of 44lbs thanks to their steel frame and rustic-style particleboard. However, the best magic trick this nightstand pulls off is the adjustable mesh shelves to give you full customization. You can move them up or down to customize the space between the shelves according to your needs.


  • Its multi-functional and adjustable design lets you customize the space between shelves
  • The particleboard and steel design are sturdy enough to withstand 44 lbs of weight
  • The sturdy frames can be positioned flat or slanted to give you more storage options


  • The particleboard top is not waterproof and can damage or stain if a liquid accident occurs
  • There’s a chance that the mesh shelves could tear with some items

Furinho End Table Bedroom Nightstand Set of 2

Take the Guesswork Out of Decor with this Set

Forget about mix-and-matching your nightstand decor. With this set, you take the guess-work out of decorating and you get the perfect nightstand set to complement your bed.
Best Set

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These Furinho nightstands are another fantastic overall pick. They’re everything you need in a nightstand set: simplicity, elegance, and practicality. Made from recycled tree materials, these nightstands have enough full top space to keep things like lamps, planters, or your laptop. They also feature an open storage shelf to keep things you need handy adequately stored and organized. Plus, to give you even more storage room, they both have a drawer with simple knobs to keep things like pajamas, linens, or whatever you need by the bedside.


  • They’re made from CARB-compliant composite wood that is both lightweight and strong
  • The design lets you choose where you want to place the drawer giving you more flexibility and customization
  • The drawers are made from woven fabric and aren’t attached to the nightstand, so you can remove them if preferred


  • The composite wood isn’t water-resistant and can be damaged or stained if a liquid accident occurs
  • These are wood-laminated nightstands, which means the paint color can chip if struck

LASUAVY Bamboo Stackable Nightstand

Full Customization Without the High Price Tag

If you've always wanted to customize your nightstands but didn't want to spend a fortune, here's your answer. These fully stackable nightstands give you the level of personalization you need to set them up as you need.
Best Stackable

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When you find a beautiful nightstand that’s also space-savvy, you know you’ve found the real deal. The LASUAVY bamboo stackable nightstands are eco-friendly and can be stacked on top of one another to give you more storage space and offer you a completely customizable look. Made from a blend of bamboo, birch, and beech, these lightweight nightstands are a must-have in your decor. I adore how you can use them as a single layer table and double-layered table seamlessly. Plus, the wide-open compartments give you enough storage room to keep all your necessities handy.


  • The unique stackable design lets you create a customized layout that matches your nightstand needs
  • It has rounded corners everywhere, making the design kid-friendly
  • Made from 100% natural bamboo, these tables are as eco-friendly as it gets


  • When used as a single-layer, these nightstands can be short if your bed runs tall
  • While you can stack more than one table, they don’t securely stack together and can become a safety hazard

SONGMICS Industrial Bedside Table

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy Up with this Nightstand

If your tiny bedroom is screaming for additional storage space, look no further. These nightstands will not only give you plenty of storage, but their rustic style will make a statement in any room you place them.
Best Storage

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I know a lot of nightstands promise additional storage room, but these take storage to a whole new level. It features a beautiful rustic style highlighted on the distressed wood top panels paired with a black iron frame that gives that trendy rustic-farmhouse style everyone wants right now. This is one of the most multi-functional nightstands you’ll ever use. It even has a space to add labels to the drawers, great to use in your children’s bedroom. Plus, it features adjustable feet that adapt to your flooring and your space so that you can get the perfect fit.


  • The design features wide and tall drawers to maximize storage space
  • It comes with two tabletops to place your essentials as well as decorative accents
  • It includes an anti-tip kit and can mount to the walls to make them secure


  • The drawer shelves are not adjustable and can’t be removed if desired
  • The cloth drawers aren’t machine washable

Frequently Asked Questions

Should nightstands be higher than the bed?

While there isn’t a standard nightstand height, generally, most styles are a bit higher than the bed. The idea for this is because while you’re resting in bed, it’s easier to raise your arms than to lower them. Usually, the rule of thumb is to find a nightstand that levels with the top of your mattress or is at least 2 to 6 inches higher.

How far should a nightstand be from the bed?

While this is a personal choice, you don’t want too much space between your bed and the nightstand. Remember, nightstands are where you place your phone, night lamp, and other necessities that you want handy while resting in bed. The ideal separation should be at least 3 inches between your bed and your bedside table.